Big Ideas for Innovative Business


Storytelling: The Backbone of the Inbound Methodology

Storytelling is an essential part of human nature. We do it every day- through music, movies, books, and even in line at the coffee shop.


Getting the Gears Turning on Inbound Marketing

Chances are you’ve probably heard us praising the inbound methodology at least once or twice, but you may still have doubts. As an inbound marketing agency, let us help you dive in to this world and show you how it all works. 


Keeping Up-to-Date with the Latest Google Algorithm Updates

For as long as I've been learning about optimizing content, I’ve been told that having the right keywords embedded into my content would give me successful results.


Allie Hughes wins Niagara’s Emerging Entrepreneur Award

THOROLD, ONTARIO - Allie Hughes, CEO and Founder of Hughes & Co. was presented with the Niagara Emerging Entrepreneur Award at the 2017 Niagara Entrepreneur of the Year Awards (NEYA). The award recognizes entrepreneurs who have demonstrated entrepreneurial success and excellence in their new enterprise.


The New Generation of Content Marketing

The way that online users are using search engines is changing. Short tail keywords (that is, broken and fragmented keywords) were once the norm of Googling something. When looking for a computer repair company, most people would just type “computer repair” into their search engine of choice.


What I've Learned About Inbound Marketing

I joined the Hughes & Co team, and the inbound marketing industry, nearly two years ago. Like most of my colleagues, I joined with a background and experiences that were not in inbound marketing. (Side note: it is my belief that those unique histories and perspectives are what help our team succeed once we each individually master the techniques, tools and strategy of inbound.)


Why and how businesses are using Facebook Messenger

You may have noticed a number of changes to Facebook as of late. One that has stood out to me is the messenger popup that appears when you land on some brand's pages on a desktop computer.


3 Website Design Trends We Are Watching For 2018

At Hughes & Co we adhere to the principles of "Growth-Driven Design" in our website design and development projects. Whereas traditional approaches to website design would involve a new development cycle every couple of years that results in a new website, GDD embraces agile methodologies and focuses on developing a data driven website that is constructed with adaptability and flexibility in mind.

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Growing Your Business With HubSpot Just Got A Whole Lot Easier

Last week was a busy week in the world of HubSpot. The annual INBOUND conference was held in Boston, Massachusetts. This conference brings marketing professionals from around the globe together to connect and develop fresh new ideas that are then brought back to their companies and implemented. Our founder, Allie, and one of our account managers, Alex, attended INBOUND last week. Upon their return, we learned some game-changing new features and updates that HubSpot has implemented. These newly added features are going to help us step up our game, really tackle clients needs, and help achieve the results their business desires.


Insights from Inbound 17

Every once in awhile, you meet someone or you discover something that just simply resonates with you.

It is completely overwhelming though when this happens to you every hour on the hour over a full week. But that’s what INBOUND is and was for me...and I mostly expected this.