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We See You: Why you Should Consider Creating Buyer Personas

You know your brand and you believe it could be successful, but you are struggling to optimize your target market potential. Targeting the wrong audience wastes time, money and resources that could otherwise be spent on developing qualified leads. Creating Buyer Personas is an excellent way of connecting with those who need you most and could end up being an advocate for your business.

What are Buyer Personas?

Buyer Personas are all about identifying your perfect customer; they are an accumulation of market research data, which together embodies a representation of your best-case scenario customer.

How Do I Build a Buyer Persona?

When building your Buyer Personas, it is best to assign only one person to this task for the sake of ease and clarity. here’s how it’s done:

Step One. Start by talking to others within your company as well as reviewing company goals and values. Consider what your company's main objectives are and what you are trying to achieve. Then, think about who would share these values and benefit from them the most. Different departments will be able to contribute different insights on your consumers so take all staff members' ideas into consideration.

Step Two. There is nobody better to talk to than the person who knows your target audience best; the customer themself! Hear them out; the good, the bad, and the ugly. The more information you can get from the people on the receiving end, the better, no matter what their experiences with your brand have been. Gain an understanding of who they are, what they need in life, what they enjoy, what they do, their behavioural trends, and their demographics. Analyze market research you may have already collected on them but also don’t hesitate to host interviews or conduct surveys even if it means providing an incentive.

Step Three. Take this raw data and draw connections to shape your Buyer Personas. It is useful to name these personas and define them. Consult with different departments and talk to your customers again to confirm the personas make sense in practice. Depending on your audience characteristics, you may have only one or two Buyer Personas, but you might have seven or eight.

How Do I Implement my Buyer Personas?

Just like marketing, your Buyer Personas are always evolving, so continuously re-evaluate their performance with your brand. Once you’ve established your Buyer Personas, start implementing them by adjusting the work you do to indulge the wants and needs of these Buyer Personas. For instance, your sales team can now strategically communicate with potential customers and alter their language and approach according to the persona which that potential customer aligns with most. The marketing team is able to adapt their content to attract and align with the likes of your different Buyer Personas. All departments will be able to take this information and think about ways they can adjust to be of better service and relate to these target markets better.

Creating buyer personas will build clarity and alignment throughout your business's various departments regarding your goals and your ideal customer. We have personally seen the incredible benefits of this implementation at H&C Inc. amongst our clients and feel that it is an essential effort which all companies should invest in. Get to know your ideal customer when you build your Buyer Personas with experts at H&C Inc.


Grace Howes

AUTHOR: Grace Howes

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