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BFCM Checklist: Launch Early

The most wonderful time of the year - the holiday season - is right around the corner! With tight shipping deadlines and the ease of shopping online, customers are on the hunt for great deals earlier. Give them the opportunity to start shopping in advance, by prepping and launching your sale ahead of time. Starting BFCM campaigns and promotions early will peak customer interest, provide brand awareness and drive-up sales.

There is so much incentive to begin your BFCM promotions early, but a big trend this year from shoppers is simply wanting to buy early.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are not just one-day events; combining the two days with holiday shopping, this campaign is worth a month of shopping. Customers are always waiting for the big Black Friday sales events; they begin browsing for ideas of what they want well in advance. What better way to make their life easier than with an early launch into promotions?

The objective here is to have your consumer base eager for the upcoming deals on your products and services. Attempt to recruit new and early shoppers to add to your list and create an expectation for them to want to return.

Don’t forget that other companies may have the same idea in mind. To make sure you are successful with the early shoppers, start planning and optimizing in advance to make sure you stand out the most amongst you competitors.

When you allow for a more extended sales period, you increase the traction on your website. Customers are trying to find the best deals for the season, so lead them to you and your brand. You can also test out Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising to bring more traffic to your website.

Starting your promotions early will give you a chance to increase exposure to your business. If you can market well, there is opportunity to gain a ton of exposure from BFCM shoppers.

Keep the exposure year-round, turn the seasonal shoppers on your site into long-term customers. Gain customer information from your launch through email newsletters and work to maintain a relationship after the holiday event is done. Once you have collected their emails and follows on social media you can bring them back through email marketing and social media ads.

Black Friday 2021 is set to exceed Black Friday 2020 in e-commeerce sales. With the current quarterly trends for 2021, user activity has increased by 14.5% on the top ten most downloaded shopping apps. This only shows numbers for the third quarter of 2021; imagine the numbers for the fourth with the biggest shopping event of the holiday season.

With an early launch into BFCM, it simply extends the timeline for customers to buy their favourites. You will be catering to those early gift shoppers and still housing for the last-minute ones. This will cause sales to drive up as the opportunity is expanded.

email marketing
A significant aspect of launching a campaign is email marketing. Emails offer incentives to consumers and can only attract them to want more. The beauty of email marketing is you are targeting customers who already want your product or service. 

All you need is time to implement enticing email marketing to your client list. Give them a reason to stay subscribed. Promote the campaign launch through an email newsletter to offer them the first knowledge of the promotions. 

You can even pique their interest by notifying them via email about the date of the campaign. Adding a timeline or a countdown to the email will increase a sense of urgency that is sure to convert a sale with an impulsive shopper! Keep them checking back on the site and newsletters to see when the release will happen.

In need of additional strategies for your business to make the most out this upcoming Black Friday Cyber Monday weekend? H&C Inc. is here to help. Contact us today!


Billie Thompson

AUTHOR: Billie Thompson

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