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Increase Your ROI During Lockdown

As the doom and gloom continues, the competition increases for brands to let their voices be heard and get their messaging in front of their customers.

Pivots in strategy, adaptation of new business models and innovation tactics are now vital for business to stay afloat in the current economic landscape. At H&C Inc. we’re working with our clients to create actionable, achievable and results driven strategies. Below are some strategies which can effectively increase your ROI...even in lockdown!


For small businesses who are unfamiliar with the world of E-commerce, it can seem daunting - but it doesn’t have to be. If you don't already have an online shop, the time is now!

Lockdown can last anywhere from a few more weeks to potentially months, and there’s no certainty of when brick and mortar stores are going to be the favoured shopping practice as we move through the pandemic. Creating an online presence will allow your customers to purchase items, as well as obtaining new customers from outside regions. At this point in the game, customers are comfortable with making online purchases - so why not capitalize on it?


Running PPC advertisements on social media is a great way to promote your business, by getting directly in front of your target demographic.

Due to so many of us isolating in lockdown, there has been a significant increase in social media usage. Promoting your business on popular platforms like Facebook and Instagram will give your business more exposure, engagement and ultimately… revenue. In other words, social PPC ads are an excellent investment for the future of your business.


Maintaining your brand’s credibility is a top priority, especially during the pandemic. A strong brand image that communicates an easy, safe and trustworthy shopping experience will drive traffic toward your business.

For example, if you’re in the hospitality or health care industry, be sure to filter in safety-driven messaging when promoting your business so that you aren’t coming across as reckless or careless. If you aren’t happy with how your business has been perceived in the past, this is the perfect opportunity for a change!

With a strong brand voice, identity and logo, you will increase your brand awareness and recognition. If it’s time to invest in your company branding, connect with our team today! We’re proud to have a team of designers who are technically skilled in building brands.


Increase the frequency and effectiveness of how you communicate with your customers. This can help better your existing customer relationships and will open the door to new customers too. 

Great ways to communicate with your customers include email marketing, frequent social media posts, blogging, text marketing, the list goes on! By investing in an effective social media marketing strategy, inclusive of content marketing, your business is sure to see results!


Improve your customer service game, by actively listening to customer needs. Use this unique time of lockdown to assess customer needs, issues and general feedback on their experience with your brand. 

This will help you better understand how your customers currently engage with your company and can offer new approaches to how you’re currently doing business. Are your customers leaving amazing Google Reviews? Feature positive reviews on social media or your website - potential customers love to read a testimonial success story during their buying experience.


Remind your customers that you’re open for business - even if it’s only online! Virtual consultations, webinars, virtual tours and live events are all excellent ways to keep your audience connected and engaged with your business.

Not sure where to start in terms of topics for your next virtual event? It’s time to dig deep and use your customer data to get to know your audience. A presentation, event or webinar that is tailored to your customers needs and wants is sure to show your customers some love and maintain engagement.

We hope that the global pandemic won’t be here for much longer - but while it’s still here, it’s important that businesses of all shapes and sizes continue to adapt toward a more online-focused sales and service delivery model.

If your business is in need of a new marketing strategy for 2021… it’s not too late! Chat with one of our marketing experts today to get started.

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