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The easiest ways to increase your organic website traffic

In this fast paced digital world, businesses need to be able to attract online users to their website effectively. The most effective way to do this is to invest in an SEO strategy and use targeted keywords to get your website content ranking on search engines, which inturn will drive potential customers organically to your website.

Attracting customers with SEO to increase organic website traffic involves focusing on SEO content writing, optimization and keyword enhancements. It can take some time to see significant results from this for new businesses, but when done correctly, increasing organic traffic (rather than traffic from paid ads) will drive more long term results for your company. Here are some easy ways to use SEO tactics to your advantage and drive up that organic traffic.

Know your buyer personas and speak to them

Your first step to this strategy will be to complete a buyer persona worksheet or exercise to determine your ideal target customer. Once you have your buyer personas set out, focus your efforts on them. Think about who they are and what they will be searching, and target those keywords. Simply optimizing for search engines may help your organic traffic, but you’ll get better and more long term results by targeting your personas.

Plan your optimization around what problems these personas will have. When most people have an issue they need answers to, they turn to Google. You want your website to be the answer they find, so focus on how they will phrase these issues they have and what results they are looking for, and you’ll see great long term results.

Don’t forget the meta trifecta

Your website’s meta title, meta description, and URL should never be overlooked. Work on each page of your site to ensure that effective keywords are being used in all three. Make sure that these keywords that you use are targeted to your personas, and are relevant to the content of the webpage. Along with the meta title, description, and URL, go through your site and ensure that you have targeted, relevant keywords as Alt text for your images throughout the site. Ensuring your website is completely optimized with on-page SEO tactics will increase your ranking on search engines.


Popularity isn’t always the best thing, especially not for the keywords you choose to use. You need to find a happy medium of niche but not too narrow. Opt to target keywords that are specific to not just your buyer personas, but specific to the industry you’re in, or the location you’re in. When you choose a keyword with a high competition rate it is virtually impossible to wade through the competition and rank, so look for long tail opportunities.

Targeting these more niche keywords will boost your content in these more narrowed down searches, which will give you easier access to your target buyers, and will give you more long term results.

For more information on how to optimize your website in a strategic way to see the best and longest lasting results, connect with our team here at Hughes & Co. We'll help you determine your ideal buyer personas and put in place a plan for you to invest in an SEO strategy and start driving website traffic.

Faith McQueen

AUTHOR: Faith McQueen

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