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Five ways to improve click rates on your email newsletters

Email is a powerful marketing tool. It's a tool that drives brand awareness, brand devotion and conversion all at the same time. 

We've written before about email marketing and why it should be apart of your inbound marketing strategy before and we believe that most businesses understand the value of email marketing. 

With that said, your business is probably already email marketing, but how successful are those emails? Are you tracking the ROI from those campaigns? What tweaks can be made to improve that ROI and what are ways to improve click rates?

We have a few strategies. 


In order for an email to be effective it must first be opened. A persuasive and more importantly value rich subject line is your best plan of attack for increasing open rates. People will yes, open an email because of your brand name (devotees only), but they are more likely to open the email if they are shown a definitive reason to.


There have been many times where we have begun creating a email newsletter campaign and are immeadiately overwhelmed by how much content we COULD include. All that content never ends up in the email because we are aware that the more content included the less valuable specific pieces can be. For instance, if your business is having a sale and you want high conversion rates, why would you distract your reader with five other items? 


This is where email segmentation comes in to play and can really drive conversion rates up for a business. When you can create email lists that place your leads and customers into buckets specific to their interests, you can start creating emails that are tailored to appeal to their tastes or buying habits. 


We all are better at consuming content in bite size pieces, attention spans are small, emails need to be short and to the point. The easiest way to ensure email subscribers read what is value to your business is to make it visual. Images connote familiarity and relation and the text functions to make the sell. Think big headers, with short sub text, followed by a call-to-action button. 


Do you always send the same style email on the same day of the week at the same time? If not, are you tracking the success rates of the various emails you are deploying? You should experiement with email styles and email send times to find the best success rates. If your email marketing software allows you to create split tests, do it! 

I encourage you to check out our other email marketing articles to not only get familiar with more best practices but also take in some inspiration. Ready to dive in? Get started with a free consultation with Krystyn!

Alex Blackadder

AUTHOR: Alex Blackadder

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