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Here’s what an SEO audit will tell you about your website

You’re putting out great content, your website is sleek and user-friendly, yet you’re not getting the web traffic you were promised. Unfortunately, despite your greatest effort, these things are not enough. One of the most important ways to attract visitors to your website is having strong search engine optimization (SEO) throughout. So, does your website have effective SEO in place? An SEO audit can tell you. Here are a few areas where your website may be losing points.

Inefficient use of keywords

Choosing the right keywords is critical for your website if you want to rank top-of-list for relevant web browser searches. A keyword analysis will show you where you rank in keyword searches which can indicate if you need to be selecting your keywords more strategically. Remember, selecting highly searched keywords might seem like a good idea but your website will be competing with thousands of other search results. Try selecting keyword will a low to medium search volume for higher chances of your website being found.

Poor accessibility

Search engines want users to find the right information as quickly and efficiently as possible. If your website doesn’t offer that, you’re more likely to be pushed to the bottom of the search results list. Slow page load speeds, 404 errors or long server response all contribute to poor accessibility, all of which will appear in an SEO audit. Make sure your visual content is a web-friendly size and your website only contains complete webpages for a better accessibility rating.

Web browsers are blocked from crawling your website

Web browsers, like Google, need to be able to “crawl” (essentially read) your website to determine if it’s a safe resource to include in search results. However, without diligently following proper protocol when building your website, you may be limiting the pages and images Google is able to scan. An SEO audit will be able to determine where Google crawlers have limited access and pinpoint the problem.

An SEO audit is a highly efficient, targeted way to learn where your website could be improved. Our team of marketing experts is ready to expand your website's reach with strategic website optimization. Request a quote to get your website back in shape.

Abbey Hills

AUTHOR: Abbey Hills

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