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We are a marketing agency comprised of fierce creatives, strategic business people, cutting edge designers and eternal students of our respective crafts. Our clients are rapidly growing companies with big ideas and bigger plans.
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Allie Hughes


From large scale enterprise work, to small business clients, you can feel the touch of Allie's marketing expertise and influence throughout the Hughes & Co. client portfolio. Her rapid rethinking of marketing keeps the agency on pace with innovation and her predisposition to early adoption is amongst the top values of her agency and team.  Allie is also invited to speak on her experience having shared the stage with Gary Vaynerchuk, Casey Neistat and Manjit Minhas, and spoke at Inbound, the largest marketing conference in the world, hosted in Boston.
Allie is a strong proponent of growing a business in Niagara, the owner of the Quebec Bank in Thorold, a national historical site for which she recently pursued an interior restoration project. Allie sits on the Board of the YMCA of Niagara, Brock University Alumni Association and the St. Catharines Wing Fest.

She has been recognized as a Niagara Top 40 Under40, Niagara Emerging Entrepreneur and as Brock University's 2017 Outstanding Young Alumni. Her give back is focused on women in leadership and education for girls, actioned with her scholarship programs for University tuition and STEM education programs for girls.


Business Development

Krystyn joins H&C as our business development lead, working with business owners and marketing teams to identify areas of opportunity where she can confidently position the agency team to deliver large. Her experience in corporate sales has proven valuable to H&C, but also to our clients who benefit from her sales perspective on accounts.


Office Manager

Stephanie joins H&C after working with multiple organizations in support roles, maximizing productivity. Her work at H&C is to manage our operations, create process and fine-tune our workflows as we continue our rapid expansion. She is invaluable, you'll see her CC'ed on emails and coordinating your account from the sidelines. 


Content Director

Carly manages Hughes & Co.'s software as service client portfolio, driving rapid strategy that delivers big gains for her ambitious clients. Her work has landed her clients opportunities and business relationships, seeing them rapidly expand to take advantage of new market opportunities. Carly is a company growth machine.


Strategy Director

Alex is the business brain of the H&C team, offering her clients and colleagues fast and accurate perspective on the business value of their strategic initiatives. Working to find return on investment in every facet of our marketing, Alex drives home the tough business strategies our clients crave. 


Director of Design

Tiffany is the driving force behind the visual design of H&C. Her work elegantly applies the strategy that you hire us for with the design you crave. Her ability to take strong constraints in conversion strategy and turn out jaw-dropping visual aesthetic is unparalleled. Tiff's design is a triple threat: looks great, strategically based, and baby, it earns.


Branding Specialist

Andre believes in the process of defining the parameters and needs of a project. The importance to establish a clear direction while maintaining a healthy balance between functionality and visual impact. He understands that no two clients are the same, so adapting to individual needs is a vital part of exceeding the client’s expectations.


Account Manager

Lesley joins H&C with agency experience under her belt, previously handling large scale digital management to corporate clients. She brings content skills, technical chops and an outstanding finesse for weaving a beautiful brand narrative using social media and publishing platforms. 


Account Manager

Faith is a dynamo account manager who started with H&C as an intern and was quickly brought on full time. Her work is fast, effective, strategic and gets results. Faith has a particular finesse in SEO delivery for our small business clients, working to craft a unique approach with each client to drive home the results they rely on.


Content Creator

Kayla is a master of the written word, supporting H&C with outstanding optimized content to keep our clients growing. Kayla's gift for combining optimization and ease of reading lends to the unmatched performance of our clients' content marketing.


Visual Media

Joel Hannigan has worked with Hughes & Co. Inc. to create incredible captured visual for our vast client family. From enterprise clients to small business, Joel sees through to the individual, understands the narrative of a landscape and sees the details that draw interest in a space. His work has become a mainstay of the Hughes & Co. Inc. visual experience and is sought by our enterprise clients in their work with our team.

PATTI Lucas 

Content Support

Patti is a witty and strategic writer, injecting personality to our client brands and maintaining a strong schedule of reliable content resources. From think pieces for large corporates to full brand narratives for our local clients, Patti is reliably "on" and consistently producing top results. 

Jackie de Verteuil 

Content Support

Jackie takes our technical writing initiatives and turns them into easily digested content for industry experts and consumers, alike. Her natural gift for translating what could feel dry into compelling content is unmatched. We love having Jackie on our team to take our content offering over the top! 


Finance + Accounting

Ronalyn joins H&C following her management of finances for a large scale manufacturer. Her approach to company finances keeps H&C growing and sustainable, all the while being a hilarious addition to our office and master of the invoices paid check box. 

Nicholas conlon 

Business Strategy

Nicholas joins H&C as we create a new channel of business. Assisting in the design of our new division, Nicholas brings his academic education and successful pitch experience to the team. His input on our internal strategy work is proving super valuable to our company goals. 


Office Assistant

Kim maintains the goings-on of H&C with her level-headed approach to busy. Her meticulous organization combined with her ability to quickly source solutions makes her an invaluable resource to the team, and in turn, to our clients.


Director of Office Dogs

Matilda is our Queen Bee K9 who is spends her day policing lunch contents, collecting crumbs and signalling to the door for inclusion in walks to... anywhere. Her can-do attitude and proactive approach to keeping the vibe in our office high-alert makes her an important part of our team. 


Office Dog

Murphy is our full time snuggle-seeking team member that provides a lot of chill in an office that can sometimes feel very busy. His commitment to regular rest, stretches and hydration encourages the office to maintain high levels of self-care. 

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Client Lovin’

“Hughes & Co. has fundamentally changed the way we attract business. We are growing, our sales team is happier and our company is healthier.”

Brad Dixon

Director of Admissions, Skilled Trades Academies
While many companies are familiar with Hubspot, H&C truly live and breathe it. As a bonus, they’re also super-nice and easy to work with. We strongly consider Hughes & Co. to be valuable partners of LIFT.

Stephanie Clarke

Senior Account Manager, Get LIFT Agency
“Hughes & Co. is a breath of fresh air. They cut through the digital media jargon to speak in a common language that gets results. I regularly recommend engaging Hughes & Co. for dramatic, measureable results.

Alex Digenis

President, Henley Honda/Subaru of Niagara

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