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Drip Marketing & Email Automation

Are you looking for a way to create meaningful customer relationships, generate pipeline and empower sales? Reach more leads than ever before when you incorporate drip marketing into your marketing strategy. 

Drip Marketing is a series of automated emails sent to people who take a specific action. For any given action, you can choose how many emails to send and the rate at which to send them. The email you send can be personalized with information like the recipient's name and the specific action they took to initiate the email being sent.

Drip marketing is a targeted way to stay in touch with your customers. Emails will only be sent to recipients that have subscribed and opted in the receive emails. This is beneficial as you will be targetted an audience that is interested in your product or service. Drip marketing is a great way to boost engagement and promote more relevant content to that specific consumer. Automated drip campaigns make it easy to connect with the right person at the right moment—without doing the work every time.

Drip emails can accompany each potential customer through your sales pipeline. There is an email type for every action that can be used to ultimately result in a conversion. From welcome drips, onboarding sequences, lead nurturing campaigns and abandoned shopping carts to new product recommendations.

reach out on the days that matter!
Your customers are important to you, so let them know! Reach out on the days that are important to them! You can have automated emails set up to send to customers on their birthdays, holidays, anniversaries and other important events. Automated personalized emails will increase retention as the customer feels seen as an individual rather than a number.

A welcome email is an automated email sent when a customer signs up for your email subscription. A welcome email is a great way to make a good impression. This is a great time to share everything about your business or follow up or keep new audience members posted on upcoming events, sales, or other activities.

first purchase
A customer's first purchase is a great time to thank them for their business. If you show their business means something to you they will be likely to return. After-sales service is just as important if not more important than before the sale. This can be a way to follow up with customers and make sure their product is to their liking and even ask for a review to increase engagement and make improvements where they may be needed.

product recommendation
A great way to boost sales once a customer has already made a purchase is to send an email promoting recommended or related products. For example, if you just purchased a travel mug you may want to follow up about alternating lids or other accessories that can be paired with the product. Alternatively it can be useful to send product recommendations like refills or replacements. Speak internally and discover the most appropriate time to send these emails. These emails accompanied by a coupon can increase open and conversion rates!

We are probably all guilty of filling an online shopping cart and not checking out the items. Whether we haven’t come to a purchasing decision yet or we just forgot about it a drip email campaign can be that extra push to lead to a conversion.

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Abbey Hills

AUTHOR: Abbey Hills

Marketing Assistant

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