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Quick to Market in Action

A few weeks ago, we brought new services to market amidst the Covid-19 Global Pandemic. We called these Quick to Market Services and we did this for a few reasons. The first is that with subsidy to help support our business we were able to pull down pricing to make things feasible for small businesses looking to get online, and quickly. Ultimately, we are deploying numerous sites for new clients to the firm who are looking for a way to create a space for themselves in the marketplace to either maintain relevance of come out of this pandemic with a boom. 

The second reason we introduced these services is because we saw the writing on the wall for our industry, early. As we watched our peers initiate mass layoffs we started accepting work and made the decision to meet our break even as our only objective to keep our team working and our clients innovating. That has been hard. We have had many clients pause their services with the agency, but these fast acting solutions have led to the maintenance of our agency and have seen us bring in new clients who, like us, are working to keep things afloat in uncertain times.

It is working

We are excited to tell you, it's working. One such success story is a new client to the agency, Dekker's Landscaping. They took us up on our Quick to Market Website offering, and got a suite of services from our firm that included a fully optimized website, built on a platform that permits rapid out-of-the-box service, and filled with content that got the H&C brush. On top of that, our graphic design and media team gave the site a once over adding a layer of polish that communicates a put together and beautiful foot forward with carefully selected and edited assets throughout.

A return of hope

One of the most rewarding elements of this experience is the entry of hope into the conversations as our new clients have seen their assets take shape. Conversations change from frustration and a sense of hopelessness to those of excitement, ideas and energy. We didn't know how to help, but here we are doing what we can for companies that are hungry for survival and an opportunity to continue building dreams following this unprecedented set of circumstances. 

We have several more sites going live over the next two weeks and we are so eager to share this work with you. We hope that the spirit of these committed entrepreneurs inspires some fight in you, too. It has certainly inspired us to keep our chins up and band together. If you have specific questions about how to make it through this challenging period for business, if you need e-commerce suggestions to help your company start to turn digital revenue, if you are just not sure how to stay top of mind...message us on Instagram. We are using our daily stories as a space to answer your questions.

Allie Hughes

AUTHOR: Allie Hughes

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