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Here’s what a strategically developed tagline can do for your business

In a world where consumers are bombarded with advertisements and messaging, it can be challenging to make your brand stand out among your competitors. As consumers’ attention spans get shorter and the global marketplace gets larger, your business relies on the ability to capture people’s attention. A strategic tagline can make that happen for your business.

Makes your brand memorable

When you hear the phrase “I’m lovin’ it”, there is no doubt what comes to mind next. McDonald’s has strategically infused their tagline into every part of their marketing. Now, the tagline can stand on its own, without the McDonald’s name ahead of it, and still make consumers think about the brand’s classic golden arches and McHappy Meals. A one-of-a-kind tagline can bring your business to the next level by differentiating you from a crowd of competitors with a simple way for your consumers to remember your brand. And the best way to keep coming back is with a brand not easily forgotten.

Demonstrates your companies values and purpose

Your tagline should be more than just cute and clever; after all, your company is driven by a purpose in mind. A good tagline will demonstrate your companies values or purpose in a short, meaningful statement. We’re excited about the work we did for the Goodman School of Business at Brock University as they sought a tagline that communicated the school’s purpose and aligned it with the university as a whole. Their tagline “Get there with Goodman” communicates the school’s long-term objective for their current and prospective students.

Gives an ambiguous brand name context

Brand names are derived with a purpose, but if the intentions behind the name aren’t clear, people will not know why they should be buying from you, let alone giving you their time. However, a strategically developed tagline can help enlighten the intention of your brand’s name and purpose. Think Nike for example, not many people know the company was named after the Greek goddess of victory; however, pair the name with their iconic tagline “Just do it” and it’s clear that Nike wants to encourage their customers to strive to do better, to succeed, to just do it.

A strategically generated tagline will showcase your business’s objective and help your consumers recognize how your brand can benefit them. Ultimately, your tagline will contribute to what matters most for your business, drawing in customers and making sales. If you’re ready to take your brand to the next level, give us a call to generate a tagline to make your business stand out.

Grace Howes

AUTHOR: Grace Howes

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