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Tips for getting your marketing strategy Fall-ready

We know that it is summer right now. The weather is warm, the sun is out, and you may even still be in vacation mode. But with fall just around the corner, how can your business be prepared for the change of the season if you aren’t? A new season opens up the door for opportunity for you and your business. Grab ahold of fall with both hands with these fun and effective summer marketing tips:

Freshen up your look on social with an autumn aesthetic

Embrace the season in all its colourful glory by incorporating classic autumn colours and themes into social media. Changing the banners on your social media profile pages with a fresh fall look will show followers that your active on social media and that you're business is ready to serve with exciting products and deals in the coming season. Likewise, spice up your social media calendar with graphics and content with a seasonal feel and post about fall trendy like #PumpkinSpiceLatte, #FallingLeaves, and #SweaterWeather.

Push your seasonal deals in your email marketing

People are back from summer vacation soon and they'll be checking their emails on a more regular basis. As the post-vacation blues set in for your customer-base, welcome them back to their regular schedule with fun and helpful emails. Remember, the inbound methodology is all about education first, not just pushing your product. We recommend linking some your evergreen blog posts to get your leads back into the swing of things, or link to your summer blog posts in a “What you may have missed” section of your marketing email.

Line up your holiday deals

When you think about the “holidays” you may be thinking about Christmas and winter, but fall has plenty going on for you to take advantage of. If it’s applicable for your business, line up all of your deals for fall’s holidays and events such as back-to-school for the kids, thanksgiving for families, and Halloween. Make the most of these fun fall times with deals and themed promotions to excite your leads.

It’s never too soon to prepare your business for Fall. Make the most of everybody’s favourite season with the experienced marketers at H&C Inc. Our talented team is happy to connect with you and develop a plan for your fall marketing campaign. Book a meeting with us to get started on your fall marketing strategy today.

Grace Howes

AUTHOR: Grace Howes

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