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Marketing in a post-pandemic world

After almost four months of uncertainty, businesses everywhere are on the road to a “new normal.” Companies have either managed to navigate this new business landscape, or struggled to stay afloat. It’s no secret that small businesses will need to push creative and strategic marketing boundaries to recover quickly from the impact of Covid-19; but with social distancing measures lifting and more stores opening every day, now is the time to get in front of your customers, with a great digital marketing strategy.

People are ready to get back outside and drive local economies, so let’s give them an outlet to spend their money! A great way for businesses to pivot back to “normal-ish” is social PPC advertisements. You can increase traffic, while leveraging impressions from actual customers in real-time.

But how much do you really understand about the world of paid advertising?


PPC stands for Pay-per-click advertising, a digital marketing process that should be in everyone’s tool belt. Implementing paid social advertisements can result in guaranteed visibility from your target audience. To put it simply, PPC advertising is a method of digital marketing that your business can no longer afford to ignore in 2020.

Capture customer attention, from the comfort of their couch

With technology at your fingertips, the days of waiting for customers to approach you for a solution are long gone. Get directly in front of your target audience with Facebook and Instagram. Running paid ads on Facebook and Instagram will increase impressions and engagement while increasing the chance of customer conversion! In addition, Facebook owns Instagram, allowing your ads to encompass both social media platforms, and websites in Facebook’s network too. This ensures that your ads can follow your customers, as they search and shop online. And did we mention that your customers are on social media more than ever before?! The average person is spending over 2 hours per day on social networks, creating an ideal environment for paid social ads.


Break through the noise on social media by carefully piecing together a budget tailored for your target audience. Facebook allows you to get a handle on how your money is being spent, by offering a range of demographics, behaviours and custom targeting attributes to pinpoint your perfect audience. They also provide you the ability to implement low-spend advertisements, while optimizing reach, and engagements on your promoted posts, to result in maximum ROI.

Earn quick, quality results

In addition to creating a space to reach new and repeat customers, social PPC ads can help you earn quality leads. Promoting your social ads can help drive immediate results, boost website traffic and crush organic views. This is due to the fact that social ads aren't dependent on the ever-changing Facebook algorithm, but are intended to increase brand recognition and customer attribution.

So what does the world of social PPC have in store for your business?

It’s evident that the post-pandemic reality for customers will continue to point toward online purchasing and ultimately increase time spent online. As businesses continue to rebound from the global pandemic, our team will continue to keep an eye on the trends of PPC advertising. We’re confident that the capabilities of customer targeting, demographics, and results will only continue to grow and become more defined.

If you’re considering PPC advertising for your business, connect with us! From full-scale digital campaigns to marketing automation, paid advertising and more, we’d love to hear from you.

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