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Blog Consistency and Creativity

The world of content marketing is regularly preaching that you should blog, and not only that. They say you should be a consistent blogger. So how much blogging is enough? What is the cutoff for frequency? While more blogs will equal more traffic, there are a few additional cardinal rules of blogging that you should know.


Be Predictable

I don't mean in subject matter, but more in frequency. Being predictable encourages the routine of checking your blog. This is important.

Some people can commit to daily blogging, and that is great. Others can commit to once a week, also great. But stick to it.

I encourage you to pick a number you can stick to. Knowing that you can expect about twenty minutes for your blog post writing time (provided you keep up to date with regular industry reading), decide how many times a week you can create quality content.

Then pick a day or two or five. If you are blogging on Tuesdays and Thursdays, blog every Tuesday and Thursday.


Demonstrate Your Rhythm with Social Media

Once you have determined the number of posts you will write weekly, plan your social media to prominently feature that content.

Keep your website traffic steady by ensuring that you are sharing the content posts a few times through various mediums. Maybe a few tweets versus one Facebook post.

While you're focusing on the disemination of that information through social media, make sure you include a compelling visual. Visual content gets read more regularly than exclusively text based content.


Plan Your Topics

We have chatted about developing quality content before, and one of the most effective ways to do this is to plan well in advance. Pick a series of blog topics and have them in your arsenal for the days when you lack inspiration.

Running dry on creativity happens to everyone. Avoid the dull posts that will stall your strategy with a quick list of easy to execute posts in your back pocket.


Hook us up with your blogs so that we can RSS them and share them in our upcoming posts on blogs that are kicking butt in the digital realm. We are specifically hoping to feature Ontario blogs but you international folk are some of our most loyal readers, so your blogs will be featured too!


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Allie Hughes

AUTHOR: Allie Hughes

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