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Different frameworks for evergreen blogs

A few weeks ago we talked about the importance of pushing evergreen content on your blog for long-lasting lead generation. If you missed that blog post, or simply need a refresher, click here to be up-to-date about the importance of evergreen content and what it is. Now, we figure, you need to know how to make evergreen content, so we have put together a brief list of different frameworks for you to follow. Here are some of our favourite types of posts that’ll keep your blog thriving:

How-To Content

You’re an expert in your field. Use your knowledge to establish yourself as an authority in your industry with a step-by-step how to blog about something your team specializes in. We actually just did something similar with our recent article Let’s Start a Blog! Here’s the Why and the How. Inbound marketing is all about helping your leads achieve their goals instead of pushing a product that may or may not into their lives. Embrace inbound with this helpful resource that your readers can continuously reference back to. 


A list plus an article equals a listicle. Listicles should offer informational value, entertainment or ideally both. This type of content has risen in popularity and now we’re seeing it on all types of websites from BuzzFeed to Apple to The Guardian. At H&C Inc. we love listicles because their quick to read, easily consumed and don’t become outdated in a week’s time. Plus, they’re a great way to share small bits of information in a fun way.


Tips, much like listicles, contain easy and shareable content to your readers. They offer specialized advice from industry experts (like you) that can be shared between colleagues and companies interested in your methodology. Blog posts offering insider tips can contain a list of advice or simple expand on a single tip and how it could be helpful to your consumers.

Product Reviews

Trust us when we tell you that positive review of you brand will never get old! Not only are product and service reviews evergreen, but they are ready-made pieces of content that do wonders for your business. According to Small Biz Trends, 72% of consumers say that positive reviews help them trust local businesses more. That and the dozens of other convincing statistics about the power of positive reviews are just some of the reasons this is the kind of evergreen content your blog needs.


Q&A blogs are a great way to answer your lead’s questions and concerns about your brand, business and products. Make sure you’re answering the right questions by taking a look at the things your real-life customers are asking. You can draw inspiration from your FAQ page, questions asked on social media, or ask your sales teams about the kinds of questions they have been feilding. Offering information that your customers are actively seeking will help to establish a connection between your brand and your customers while showing the transparency 

Don’t forget that evergreen content has a longer shelf life than your other more timely blog posts. So, when you have a hole in your social media and editorial calendars, feel free to refresh your read’s memories (and give your new readers fresh content) by linking back to an evergreen post that could use more attention. Keep your blog thriving and drive traffic to your website with evergreen content that never goes out of style. Connect with the experienced copywriter at H&C Inc. to get your blog started today.

Grace Howes

AUTHOR: Grace Howes

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