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Selling Your Products on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms with 1 billion active users per month and 500 million active users a day. This platform can be used for much more than just posting selfies and can be utilized as a strategic business tool.

Instagram is an engagement based platform making it the perfect spot to sell your products and discover new customers. 83% of users say they have discovered new brands on Instagram meaning there is potential for exponential growth for new businesses.

a pictures worth a thousand words
Instagram is a visual platform, so it is the perfect way to showcase what you have to offer. Quality images that capture your products are going to do well and you will want to increase engagement with consumers. With Instagram shopping your consumers can see an item they like that you post about and purchase it directly from the photo rather than browsing through your entire inventory online.

meet your consumers where they already are
While creating new and engaging content for your consumers, making your post shoppable means you are conveniently meeting them in the same space they are already.

Creating a shoppable Instagram page allows you to create an Instagram inspired landing page through a link in your bio. Each post you create will be linked to a specific product on your website. You can then use Facebook ads manager to boost posts and target specific audiences. Use Linktree to make the most of your bio. This tool will provide you with one link that also links out to any kind of content.

make sure you qualify
Before setting up your Instagram shop the first thing you need to do is make sure you qualify. To qualify you must be in a supported location, sell tangible goods as Instagram does not allow services to be sold yet, have an Instagram business account and link your Instagram account with your Facebook account.

setting up your business account
Setting up a business account is a must! Don't have one already? No problem. Follow these steps for a quick tutorial so we can get you selling on Instagram. 

Once you have a regular profile set up, through your profile settings press "switch to business account". That will prompt you to choose your Facebook Page. You must be an admin to do this. Set the page to “Public.” To complete the profile add the email, address and phone number of the business. If you don't already have a Business Facebook page you can make a new one when you are given the option to choose a page. Finally, create a title for the business page and choose a category your business fits in.   

Stay updated! 
Once you have a business account set up on Instagram you must make sure you have the latest version of the app on either IOS or Android. Instagram can update frequently so make sure you stay up to date with new features and security fixes.

increasing sales through engagement
It is not just about being on the platform that will help you increase sales but actually utilizing it to it's full potential. To increase engagement and increase the number of customers you will want to use insights to keep an eye on what social media strategies are working for your business. You will want to be using relevant hashtags. The days of using as many hashtags as you can are long gone, however using a few relevant hashtags will help your content be seen by people who don’t already follow you.

Another way to increase sales on Instagram is to create beautiful images. The internet is full of content so you want to create dynamic eye catching images that are going to stop users while they’re scrolling.

from post to purchase
One tool that makes Instagram shopping so unique is the ability to tag products in your posts. Instagram has also developed direct check-out, meaning shoppers will not even have to leave the platform to purchase from your store. Instagram will also track the sale of your products, so you can discover what is selling best and what could use some promotion.

Let our e-commerce experts create a strategic plan for your business. Get in touch with us today to discover what strategy is best to support your goals!


Abbey Hills

AUTHOR: Abbey Hills

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