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Grow your Instagram through engagement

We don’t have to tell you twice the impact that Instagram can have on your business. With all of its diverse features including Instagram stories, in-app shopping and call-to-action buttons, Instagram gives users more ways than ever to engage with your brand. But are you engaging back? All of these tools aren’t very effective if you’re not working to build your brand’s online presence and followership. It may seem hard in the beginning, but it is possible when you keep your followers engaged with more than just the daily post!

Start a conversation with Instagram Story stickers

What better way to engage with your followers than to ask a question! With Instagram story stickers, you can ask questions to your followers, invite them to participate in a poll or quiz, or have them answer a question using a sliding bar. This is an easy and fun engagement technique, but it can also help you collect helpful data. Simply asking your followers what kinds of products and services they’d like to see from you next could yield some insightful answers.

Directly respond to people who tag you in their posts

If people have visited your store or location and posted a picture of their experience, they likely tagged your brand’s account or your store’s location. Check frequently to see if new content has been posted about your business with tags and make an effort to connect with people who make those posts. Simply thanking your followers for visiting your store or buying your product will go a long way toward your reputation with that person - giving you a higher chance that they will recommend your brand to others.

Say thanks to your followers by hosting a contest

Contests yield engagement, it’s a fact. But when you host a contest, you'll want to optimize it for the most exposure and therefore the most engagement. Put engagement-enhancing guidelines on your content requiring entrants to follow your page, like your post, comment on the post, tag friends in the post's and/or add the post to their story. These a contest guidelines will help spread the world about your contest and your brand while increasing you overall following.

Humanize your brand with video

Behind your social media account is a team of people that work hard to create quality products and services, market the brand and love your products. However, your followers can’t know how great your team is at what they do unless you tell them. Using Instagram’s video capabilities, you can quickly and effectively introduce your team members in a fun and engaging way. Video is already surpassing still images in popularity, so take advantage of this new trend to humanize your brand and help followers and leads feel even better about supporting your business.

Your followers are more than just icons on a screen - they’re people first. So, it’s important to connect with them in a way that makes them feel like their more than just a metric to population your Instagram Insights. Using these handy engagement tips to grow your following and support your follower’s need to feel like an important part of your customer family? If you’re looking for more ways to engage your followers, our social media experts would be more than happy to sit down with you for a free consultation to help you grow your Instagram. Book a consultation with Krystyn today.

Abbey Hills

AUTHOR: Abbey Hills

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