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The secret to marketing with heart

If you pay any attention to advertisements, you have likely come across a campaign or two that have pulled at the heartstrings.

Think about those ads and campaigns that have touched you in some way or another. Whether it’s a story about someone who has achieved their dreams or a story about a local company that is doing some amazing things for their community, we all stop and read those stories because they make us feel.

It’s important to realize that, as marketers, it’s part of our job to target the heartstrings of our audience. In today’s market, when advertisements and marketing materials are integrated within everything we do, it is one of the most effective ways to stand out.

But it’s more than just making people feel happy, sad, excited, or even angry. It’s not about simply telling a story. It’s how you connect that story to your brand and put an ounce of emotion into every element of your strategy. It is how you market with heart. 

The Power of Persuasion

Not every brand belongs to an industry that the general public would consider naturally Instagram-worthy. It can be tough to get creative. There is a knack to persuading your audience to choose your business; you do that telling your story.

Getting your audience to buy what you’re selling means earning the trust of your audience. Make people feel the same way about your brand that you do. How do you do that? By giving them an inside view to that level of passion and excitement, inviting them to understand your why and using that narrative as an invitation for them to feel the same.

In marketing, as in everyday, gaining trust is about building relationships. Marketing is about connecting to your audience and providing them with valuable information or resources. A social connection is worth more than many businesses realize, and when people can see that you are being genuine and authentic, they are much more likely to choose you when it comes time to make a purchase or choose a service.

Adding Heart to Your Strategy

Show people who you really are. It is unusual to have a near instant lead time with a prospective customer, so it is critical to create compelling stories that keep people engaged. The more effective your impact is, the longer you’ll be top of mind.

It’s about making connections, keeping your story consistent across all channels, and engaging with your audience. It goes beyond advertising and putting out campaign materials. It is about connecting all of the facets of your business to reflect who you really are. Everything you do should reflect your brand, and it should be consistent with your own narrative.

Here are some go-to pointers to keep in mind:

  • Maintain consistency across all of your social media channels.
  • Stay engaged and continue a conversation. It’s all about building relationships.
  • Don’t just tell. Show.
  • Commit to the effort. You can’t just start and then get busy and stop. If you can’t set aside time every day to your marketing, it’s time to hire an agency.

An H&C Inc. Case Study

This marketing with heart concept is at the root of why we gave our brand a fresh look. Our old branding conventions didn’t reflect who we really are as a team and as a company, and we wanted to put our heart into something that was more in tune with the amazing things we do.

The new H&C Inc. reflects to our audience how we feel about our brand. Our whole team is energized and has a new outlook on who we are and what we do, and it’s reflecting in our work. We are strong and professional, creative minds with the business skills to take our company where we need it to go. Now, our brand shows that to the world.

We don’t tell people about our track record we are because we don’t have to- it shows in every piece of communication we release, every visual touchpoint.

If this sounds like a lot to you, we’re here to talk. Let our team do what we do best and help you with thoughtful, stunning marketing campaigns and creative design that help you show the world who you really are.

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