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Holiday Marketing Strategies

 Before you jump ahead to next years marketing strategies, you are going to want to successfully wrap up 2021. This final stretch can be extremely profitable for your year end reports. Make sure to utilize the analytics you have been collecting all year to accurately target your current customers. Large sales traffic right before the new year will not only increase year end profitability but also increase data collection so you can revamp your marketing strategies for 2022.

Prepare for increased traffic and competition
The holidays can be a great time to get your business ahead, however increased traffic means you must be prepared for competition. Make sure your website and e-commerce platforms are up to date and ready to take on heavy traffic with the hustle and bustle of the holidays! A great user experience will help to convert sales and avoid high abandoned cart rates.

Stand out from your competitors
With an increase in competition you are going to want to stand out! Try something new and offer something different than your competitors. Try offering a free gift or a complimentary item to the item already on sale. This is the time to use the marketing data you have been collecting all year to target your current customers. Everyone loves the holidays and it is a fun time to be festive. Being festive does not just mean changing your current ads to the colours green and red. Seeing the same colour scheme in every ad is going to bore consumers and lacks the ability to attract prospective attention.

consider an influencer marketing strategy
Influencers are niche content creators on social media that have a large following. Everyone is interested in the latest trends and what their favourite public figures will raving about in 2022.  Use influencer marketing to show what these influencers will be adding to their Christmas lists or what they received for Christmas from their favourite brands! The trust and excitement that revolves around these influential individuals is more than enough to get people back online or in store right after Christmas. Everyone loves a good haul or review especially when you’re cozy at home for the holidays, so a quick post to social media by their favourite influencer is sure to convert those last minute sales.

time to treat yourself
The holidays are about giving, but that doesn’t have to mean for a loved one. Sometimes the person most deserving of a gift is yourself. Especially following Christmas day it can be wise to market to those who are looking to spoil themselves come boxing day or treat themselves to something Santa may have forgot to get them! 

optimize your email campaigns
Everywhere you went shopping this holiday season has likely asked for your email or phone number. While email marketing can be extremely useful in decreasing abandoned cart rates and increasing conversion rates if it is done poorly you can lose engagement and even create an irate customer. Try to send out compelling emails that will get your customers attention and remind them to place their orders without being overbearing. Too many emails can lead a customer to unsubscribe and emails that do not catch your eye will likely get lost in a full inbox.

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Abbey Hills

AUTHOR: Abbey Hills

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