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How to get more data on your website visitors for free

The value of customer data is unquestionable.

The more you know about your customers, especially those who originate as website visitors, the more equipped you are to understand the effectiveness of your website and your marketing. This knowledge will, in turn, help you to make strategic decisions that work to increase lead conversion.

Think about it, if you are operating an online store and the bulk of page views and sales is tied to one specific item, wouldn’t you move that item to the homepage to ensure it was incredibly easy to find for your visitors? Or if an item had hundreds of views and no conversions, wouldn’t you start to consider what was standing in the way of purchase?

How do you start using analytics to make strategic decisions? Well, there are two tools that you can use to get more data on your websites, and bonus, they are FREE.


The first and most-well known is Google Analytics. This is a powerful tool that will help you to understand your site and what pages customers are using, for how long, from which location and from which source.  You can take this data and make it work for you.

A great example is that if you know that the majority of your traffic is coming from Toronto, Ontario and landing on a specific product/service page, you will know that Toronto buyers prefer that product. Seems simple but, this should have a great influence on the ads you produce and the marketing emails you send.

Here’s what to know about Google Analytics:

The amount of data and dashboards can be overwhelming, a sort of information overload. A trick we like to use? Build a custom dashboard. You can build your own or pull from someone else's curated dashboard via an marketing analytics template. For instance, your dashboard could include:

  • Traffic referred through social
  • Number of unique users (daily)
  • Type of device
  • Visits by city
  • Source of daily visits
  • Most popular pages


HubSpot Marketing Free allows you to learn much more about a specific visitors activity than Google Analytics will allow. It’s a software that works to convert leads and once a lead is converted you are privy to information like what site pages they visited and what company they work for. One of the most useful aspects of this data tool is that you know what content pieces are driving website traffic and where your traffic is coming from. This helps you to measure the strength of your strategies from SEO to social.

Here’s what to know about HubSpot Free:

HubSpot Free utilizes Lead Flows which are a pop-up form captures on your site. They are a call-to-action or a prompt that asks visitors to leave their email or other contact information in exchange for something valuable. You can create different types of Lead Forms that appear on different pages, ask different things and appear in different places.

HubSpot Marketing Free is a tool you don't know you need until you have it. Knowing more about your leads will also help your sales team to prep for close better than ever before. It’s a win-win all around for the growth of your business.

It's time for your business to get more data on your website visitors, you won't regret it. The tools are there, now let us marketing experts to do the heavy lifting for you. Our team of experienced digital strategists use this data to drive your brand strategy and business growth. Get started today.

Alex Blackadder

AUTHOR: Alex Blackadder

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