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H&C Black Friday Checklist: Ready Your Promotions

For any business, Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM) is an opportunity to provide mega-value for consumers and increase customer acquisition - but of course, this year is different!

As a result of COVID-19, consumer behaviours have shifted and customers are venturing online for their shopping now more than ever.

BFCM promotions have been known to increase website traffic, encourage visitors to browse beyond landing pages, and increase overall sales. Do you have your promotions ready?


How do you select the perfect can't-miss offer? It's easier than you think. Amazing offers can include loss-leader deals on popular products to entice customers into your online store, or a blowout on those products that have just been sitting on the shelf.

Here are some sales promotions your business may implement this BFCM:

  • Free shipping
  • Discount codes (e.g. CYBERMONDAY20)
  • Fixed discounts with a minimum purchase order
  • BOGO deals
  • Free gift with purchase

No matter the deal, be sure to back it up with a stellar promotions strategy! Read through our 2020 Diversification Strategies for Small Businesses blog post next to learn more.


Utilize a sales map to track your online sales and measure your performance towards closing deals.

A sales map allows you to visualize your E-commerce data and increase collaboration and productivity within your team! It can also help your business stay organized with scheduled start dates and prices. If you're Looking for a great template to get you started? Checkout Hubspot Academy's Sales Mapping Workshop.

In addition to templates, you can find embeddable plugins for your website, allowing for easy and adjustable price models when sales time comes around. These are great to utilize for flash sales that take place during BFCM.


Don't forget to promote your products that have experienced an increase in demand since the pandemic started! These types of products are likely to be trending due to their ease of access through online platforms and flexible pickup and delivery options. 

According to Shopify, the top trending categories since March 2020 are:

  • Indoor and outdoor furniture
  • Home office equipment and accessories
  • Board games and puzzles
  • Exercise equipment 
  • Self-care and beauty products
  • Leisure wear

If your business offers any of these top trending products, consider using some of our sales promotion strategies to best optimize selling potential.

Is your business in need of further strategic marketing for BFCM this year? The team at H&C Inc. is here to help. Check out our previous instalment of the H&C Black Friday Checklist - Prepare Your Website - or Contact us today! We can't wait to hear from you.


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