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Handling Upset Followers on Social Media

From time to time, followers may be less than impressed with something you post or say on social media. Leading to a less than complimentary post from said follower. How do you deal with these tough followers while upholding your company's brand and values? Here is some advice to help with answering those unwanted posts.

Respond, No Matter What

No matter the case, always, always, always, reply to upset followers! It is vitally important all complaints and issues your followers' post on your account are addressed. If you pretend to be inactive it will seem as though you are simply trying to ignore the problem. Not responding to followers complaints may also show that you are not concerned with customer support or customer care, which could be detrimental to your company's reputation. 

Be Patient and Understanding

When dealing with upset followers, keep in mind that you know your industry, products, and services much better than they do. What may seem like common knowledge to you is often foreign to your follower. When replying to complaints, try putting yourself in the follower's shoes. This may help you understand why they are frustrated or upset.

Remember, that it may not necessarily be your company's fault. Whether or not the fault is in your court, a simple apology always goes a long way. 

Contact the Customer Privately

Sending a direct message (DM) or private message to the upset follower allows for you to address the situation in a more personal manner. The main objective with sending a private message is to extend your token of gratitude and letting the follower know that you’re sorry. Regardless if you comment on their original post or not, it never hurts to reiterate your apology. Taking this extra step allows the customer to know that you truly are considered with the situation and are making an honest effort to show that their opinion/concern matters.

We live in a digital era where almost all companies today have social media accounts. This is the main channel for followers to post when they're upset. No matter how angry a follower may be, never dismiss a less than complimentary post. Try to resolve the problem as calmly and quietly as possible, while upholding the professionalism of your business.

It's important to always be ready for this type of conversation on social media (a very public space) because they're going to happen. It's impossible to predict but it is possible to be prepared. If you're looking for help when it comes to managing these tricky situations, the social media experts at H&C Inc. can take the reign of these conversations.
Adam Brunner

AUTHOR: Adam Brunner

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