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Creating a marketing plan for your service-based business

As we continue to navigate through a second wave of Covid-19 cases, it's evident that service-based businesses are experiencing the most disruption.

As a champion for small business - H&C Inc. is here for you. Check out these marketing strategies, tips and tricks for your service-based business.


Amidst the current pandemic, customers are not venturing out into the world as much - it's important to turn to new online methods of shopping, sales and service.

Particularly in times of crisis, human interaction between customer and company can create long-term loyalty! Consumer behaviour and needs will shift with this new way of life putting more emphasis on health, safety, community, and convenience. To meet these new customer needs your service-based business must focus on care and concern while remaining true to company values. The way a company deals with the pandemic will have a lasting impact on customers.


Sales interactions are likely being accomplished online and with this increase in online services it is crucial to improve digital infrastructure. Poor digital infrastructure can lead to poor user experience and frustrated customers.

Now more than ever you should be improving your online platforms and working to include creative virtual interactions. Poor digital ordering infrastructure can jeopardize sales so a smooth sales process is very important, especially as online orders increase. With ever-changing regulations and minimal in-person interactions, your company must find a virtual alternative to provide your service. This can be done by bringing your business to your customers’ homes. These virtual rendering services will create value for your customers and create a sense of normalcy!

Initiatives for Restaurants
The restaurant industry has been hit hard during the pandemic due to restrictions and the lack of tourism.

Some ways restaurants can combat less traffic in their establishments is by providing more user-friendly takeout options whether that be ordering directly on their website for curbside pickup or ordering through a third-party delivery service with a strong online platform.

As indoor dining becomes less accessible restaurants can promote bundles such as date nights or family dining packages that can be enjoyed from the comfort and safety of your own home.

Innovations for Events
Event management looks very different this year, but due to virtual event services it’s not going anywhere.

Virtual events are engaging and create high value for customers. Hosting an online live event actually makes it easier for a business to track attendee data and engagement. Some ways businesses can take advantage of these services include hosting interactive workshops, running awareness webinars, and providing virtual tours.

Health, Wellness & Beauty
The health, wellness, and beauty industry may seem a more difficult one to tackle virtually, but with the maximization of social media and online interaction people can work on being their best selves right from their homes.

Gyms and trainers can offer online training services. Makeup artists can offer tutorials and subscription boxes with their favourite makeup and wellness companies can offer virtual consultations to minimize the amount of foot traffic coming into the office.

second wave marketing

As we enter the second wave of the pandemic it is important to shift the focus of marketing to a more caring and supportive approach. Customers probably don’t need a weekly reminder of your 10% discount, but instead maybe a free coffee to brighten their day in these hard times. Exercising soft skills such as empathy will help your company succeed at this time. Social media provides access to engage with customers and be provided with immediate feedback. It is likely businesses will see fewer new customers therefore you must develop strong relationships with your existing clientele. This can be done by maximizing social media use and frequent engagement with customers.

Let us help you maintain your momentum into 2021! Whether you need Quick-to-Market E-commerce, content marketing, SEO, etc., we’re here to help. Contact us today!

Abbey Hills

AUTHOR: Abbey Hills

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