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H&C Black Friday Checklist: Get the Word Out

There’s no doubt that promotions are set to flood everyone’s social networks this coming Black Friday. So how does your business stand out?

Creating a can’t-miss promotion is just the half of it. We're exploring some digital marketing strategies that will ensure your customers not only see your beautiful advertisements, but buy into them as well.


Secure prime promotional real estate with Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising. At H&C Inc. our team specializes in creating brilliant PPC advertising campaigns that drive traffic to your website. This includes leveraging your social media channels to get in front of your customers - right where they are. Here’s how it works: 

Choose your audience
Facebook and Instagram provides your business with the opportunity to target your customers based on behaviours, interests and general demographics. Create an audience that best depicts your ideal customer! 

Select your budget
Once you’ve successfully created your target audience, it’s time to leverage your budget to fit the bill. Facebook will provide you with a range of daily spend options to help you meet your goals. Are you unsure of what your campaign needs to meet its goals? Ask the experts at H&C Inc!

Add in the creative
Now it’s time to pop in your picture-perfect promotions. Facebook and Instagram allow businesses to import their advertisements in various shapes, sizes and formats, to optimize viewership. This will allow you to expand your reach in customer’s Instagram Stories, Facebook Messenger conversations, newsfeeds and more. 

H&C Inc. Pro Tip: Don’t stress about your design skills - get started on your creative campaign with a quote from our team today!


Did you know that 97% of people who visit your website for the first time, leave without buying anything? Your relationship with your customers doesn’t have to end as soon as Black Friday season is over. Bring customers back to your site with a strategic retargeting campaign.

By implementing a retargeting campaign, your brand’s promotions can follow potential leads around the internet - set parameters to gently remind them about viewed products, recent sales, abandoned shopping carts, product recommendations and more!

The results? Enjoy an increase in year-round engagement with your customers - even after Black Friday.

email marketing

Like most businesses, you’ve been growing and grooming your email lists as long as you can remember. Black Friday season is the perfect opportunity to launch a conversion-focused email marketing campaign.

What is the key to implementing incredible email marketing? Time. With just 2 weeks until #BFCM sales launch around the world, the time is now to plan, create and schedule your email campaign. Check out these H&C Inc. Email Marketing Tips:

Create a teaser email
Nothing gets your customers wound up like a sneak peek at sales to come. Create a 'save the date' to encourage bookmarking your site, or send out promo codes in advance.

Promote your sale through email - first
Launch your sales promotions through your email list, before posting on social media! This is a great opportunity to let your email list know that they’re valued and quickly drive traffic to your store.

Implement abandoned cart emails
Did you know that the average cart abandonment rate  in the US was 82% last year? Include abandoned cart emails in your email marketing strategy to help decrease this percentage in your business.

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