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Storytelling: The backbone of the inbound methodology

Storytelling is an essential part of human nature. We do it every day- through music, movies, books, and even in line at the coffee shop.

Naturally, it’s also how we market to our customers.

The inbound methodology is about engaging with your audience. How do we engage with others? We tell stories.

However, storytelling is an art and a science. You know that one friend you have who could tell a story about watching grass grow and everyone would still be captivated? That person is an artist. And you can be one too.

Why Storytelling Works  

People remember marketing strategies that focus on storytelling more than anything else.  

Not only is storytelling more interesting and engaging, it’s also more relatable. Say you’re a personal trainer, and you’re highlighting a story about one of your clients who wanted to get in shape in order to keep up with her grandkids. Sharing her story might inspire someone out there who wants to get in shape with her own grandkids.

Sure, you could advertise the benefits and features of your product, but no one is going to remember that. Instead, telling them a story about one of your customers, like the active grandmother, helps people to remember what the product can do for someone.

It may be tempting to click on that clickbait headline, but those articles don’t provide the depth and feeling that a good story does. They don’t make you think. Stories are compelling, and they make your audience ask questions about the bigger picture.

Telling your story helps you connect to your audience and show them the human side of your brand. No matter how large or small your business is, this is always important. That's the power of storytelling.

Strong Storytelling Advice Every Brand Can Use

Be real, and be transparent. Tell your story, even if you’re worried about the risk. The more real you are, the more your customers will be able to see the human side of you. People want to buy things from people, so show them who you are.

Make your customers feel something. The more they can emotionally connect to your content, the more it will resonate with them. Figure out what your audience’s pain points are, and help them see the solution.

Lastly, always test everything. You’re not a psychic, so you can’t predict how your audience is going to react every single time. It’s important to see which stories are resonating with people the most, and how you are making those connections.

Reaching Consumers Their Way is the Inbound Way

The inbound methodology is all about how you tell a story- not just the tools you use, but the content you write and the value you provide.   

It’s all about sharing your story to your customers where they are, on the platforms they’re using, and making connections to your audience on their terms. Instead of disrupting them with marketing messages like traditional strategies do, talk to them and have a conversation. Provide them with the solutions and information they need.

No matter how amazing your story is, if you’re not putting it in the right places, it’s not effective.

Creating Inbound Marketing Strategies That Work  

Consider it like this: if your marketing doesn’t tell a story and make a connection, it’s not inbound marketing. You should never spend more than 50% of your content talking about your products or services.

Experience is everything. Give your audience a storytelling experience they’ll remember, and they will convert into long-term fans and customers. Need help creating your company's story? Let's connect and get started.

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