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Pivots and Positive Motion Amidst the Pandemic

The H&C Inc. team is now a well oiled remote working machine after three weeks of collaboration from afar. We’ve been busy helping our clients to manage their communications and pivot their strategies to meet the demands of the new and evolving marketplace.

Free shipping, door-drop deliveries, curbside pickups and for some, their first foray into the digital world. Over the past few weeks, flashy gimmicks and brash marketing have faded into the background as businesses have taken stock of what really matters - the customer and how to maintain that relationship. It has been a true test of entrepreneurial spirit for our client family these last few weeks and of necessity is born innovation. That is no truer than for several of our clients who have leapt into action and made fast and necessary decisions to adapt to these changing times and we want to celebrate their hard work with you!

 Skilled Trades Social

Skilled Trades Academy

This team went from minimal digital deployment in any element of their delivery of courses to completely overhauling their teaching strategy and moving to a fully digital model... in seven days. This new approach is permitting their students to stay socially distanced and still capture the necessary curriculum to achieve their qualifications. The team provided excellent support and guidance to the students in advance of their first online classes and everything went off without a hitch. l In a time when they could have been facing a true struggle they have new students signing up to take class from the comfort of their homes. Amazing!


Pretty & Co.

We've all seen the memes of what the salon backlog is going to look like once we are all given the "ok" to get back to life as we knew it. Well, Pretty & Co. heard the plight of their loyal base and came up with some innovative tools to make beauty at home a possibility. One of their biggest challenges is having their clients use non-professional hair dye products and then come back to the salon with mixed results and a true challenge for their stylists to overcome. This team decided to make root touch up and toner kits for clients in need and even hosted videos and live questions to walk them through the application process. 

This team of superwomen also adopted e-commerce as a strategy in 2019 for their busy product sales and that has proven to be a lifesaver while their other revenue streams are shut down for the non-essential business closures. Super smart strategies coming from this team!


Safari Niagara

Our friends at Safari Niagara were ramping up for the school and mall visit season where they bring fascinating wildlife to kids across Southern Ontario. Of course, with social distancing in play and the mandatory closure of those facilities, it was no longer possible. We pitched the idea of a rapid turn around video series to bring their popular in-person presentation to the online world. On their launch day, we saw the video get more than 10,000 views on Facebook alone and we had teachers requesting it be hosted on a website page to be used as a curriculum aid in their new online teaching deployments! Huge win for this organization, you might even say that they were as brave as lions in adopting this approach so rapidly!

Watch the series here: ZOONIVERSITY ONLINE


All three clients have had great feedback and engagement from their customers and have truly turned an obstacle into an opportunity. Our client family never ceases to amaze us with sparks of creativty igniting daily. Watch this space for more updates on the strategies our clients are using to adapt and overcome. 

If you’re struggling to adapt and respond to changing demands, we can help. Our Quick to Market Strategies have been designed for rapid deployment that is efficient and easy to manage. Our recent blog also looks at why you shouldn’t put a stop to marketing activities during a pandemic.


Sarah Moorhead

AUTHOR: Sarah Moorhead

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