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Getting the gears turning on inbound marketing

Chances are you’ve probably heard us praising the inbound methodology at least once or twice, but you may still have doubts. As an inbound marketing agency, let us help you dive in to this world and show you how it all works. 

Inbound marketing is a philosophy based on putting your customers’ needs at the top of your priority list. It’s all about using a variety of tools, stories, and technologies to nudge your customer along their purchasing journey in the most natural, least disruptive way.

In the good ol’ days, marketing boiled down to getting in peoples’ faces and putting your brand in front of as many eyes as possible. Now, instead of shouting your message at your customers, you meet them where they are and start a conversation.

It’s About Quality and Growth

The inbound methodology is all about building your relationship with your customers, and turning them into fans. Instead of asking for sales right away, you engage with them and nurture that relationship until they are ready to purchase.

Adding value at every stage of the customer’s journey is a major component of this marketing philosophy. In doing this, you provide your audience with a solution to the problems they are having, or give them the answers they are looking for.

When you focus on solving your customers’ problems, you establish credibility and trust with them. They don’t see you as a business that’s just trying to sell them something. Instead, they see you as a resource for help and support. When it comes time to make that purchase, who will they look to? You.

How Inbound Works: Unpacking the Inbound Methodology

There are 3 main phases of inbound methodology:

  1. Attract
  2. Engage
  3. Delight

Your marketing strategy is designed to guide visitors through those 3 phases, taking them from strangers to fans. Specific types of content are created for people at each phase, providing them with an engaging and satisfying experience. Each piece of content fits into a larger puzzle, culminating in your contacts turning into customers.

For example, you’d use social media to draw in your audience to your blog, where they will read something they find extremely helpful and informative. Then, they sign up for your newsletter to get more information, start receiving your emails, learn more about your company, and eventually make a purchase.

However, the experience doesn’t just stop when someone makes a purchase or signs up for your services. After that, you still have a job to do. The delight phase is all about turning those customers into fans who will advocate for you and spread the word that you are a great company to work with. These days, people are more likely to trust a brand recommended to them by a friend, colleague, or family member than anything else. Delighting your customers makes sure you’re always at the top of their mind.

The Inbound Life is Our Best Life   

At H&C Inc., we live by the inbound marketing methodology because it works. We’ve helped some of our favourite companies grow into successful enterprises that have changed the way that they do business.

Thanks to inbound, we are proud of what we do because we are providing valuable, growth-driven content to the world. As Niagara’s only HubSpot partner, we feel we have a duty to help businesses grow, transform, and succeed with the inbound philosophy. Not already following the inbound methodology? Let's chat and get the gears turning.

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