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Municipal Marketing Strategies

After over a year of being in lockdown, improving the economy is important now more than ever. Municipal marketing is marketing done to advertise a municipality with all stakeholders involved in order to increase the economy on various levels. It is important to market a place based on it’s quality of living, level of tourism and as a place for business.

focus on differentiation
Municipalities face the ongoing challenge of growing and hosting the right mix of businesses to support the needs of the community. Through long and short term strategic planning a community works to grow and differentiate itself from other neighbouring communities. Start by articulating and launching a community brand which describes and represents the everyday practices of said community. Based on real life experiences, express everything your municipality has to offer and show the hidden gems to those less familiar with the area.

Compete as a place for business
Although it is not often thought about as a competitive market like a traditional business, cities are always competing to have businesses stay or be chosen as a place to create new business. Marketing your municipality to cities will encourage businesses to set up shop here and work as an economic development strategy.

Help drive tourism
Municipal marketing is also important to encourage tourism. It is important to market the city as a desired destination as tourism helps to increase awareness and drive revenue. Make sure to show all the fun activities, festivals and restaurants a city has to offer. Tourists are often the main target audience for municipal marketing, however the brand message will have to resonate with local residents in order to work.

Create a compelling marketing strategy

With so many stakeholders involved, it is important to create a strategic plan. 

First, define your target market. Make sure to understand who you are targeting and the audience in which you want to serve. For example, is your community best suited for families, university students, or retirees? Defining the segment you are targeting is key in beginning your strategic plan. 

Next, align your identity. Make sure your visual identity and the messaging you’re sending out are unified. This is important in creating a strong brand identity and connecting with your target audience. 

Be sure to share your story. Share the rich history along with the everyday lifestyle your community has to offer. This will help differentiate your brand from other municipalities and create a strong identity. These stories are what make you unique and sharing these stories alongside the right marketing tactics will work to enrich your brand. 

Finally, measure your impact! Measure feedback and engagement to determine what strategies are working and what strategies should be implemented in the future. Measuring the impact of your plan will help you determine how you can better support your goals and how to alter your current strategies.

Resonate with all stakeholders
A successful municipal marketing campaign will work to deliver a memorable message that is unique and sets your region apart from other communities. A community must have a well defined brand that grabs the attention of newcomers and resonates with the existing community. Be sure to show everything your region has to offer and how it can benefit all stakeholders. 

Let our marketing experts approach your next campaign with a strategic plan. Get in touch with us today to discover what strategy is best to support your goals!


Abbey Hills

AUTHOR: Abbey Hills

Marketing Assistant

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