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Navigating Brand Messaging in Lockdown

2020 is officially over, but as the global pandemic continues we still live with uncertainty.

The pandemic has allowed marketers to reevaluate their brand messaging and determine their core values as a company. This increases the urgency to determine the “Why” for your brand and drive forward with purpose and clarity. 


Online traffic has undoubtedly skyrocketed, providing businesses with a platform to communicate to their customers more frequently and offering new ways to connect with one another.

Many brands may feel pressured to say and do the right things, especially during times of crisis. Your media and brand image must coincide on messaging and communication. Consistency within your brand will result in clarity and certainty for consumers.


It is important to use your brand's power to take a stance and make a difference - especially as current traditional power structures are shifting.

Brands must continue to support worthy causes that they identify with, without jumping on the "social movement bandwagon." In other words, find a way to support a cause without appropriating it, while staying completely authentic. Navigate your brand's stance best by supporting causes that relate to and line up with your brand's values and strategy.


Act on your business' competitive advantage. There’s no way of knowing when things will be back to “normal” - so in the meantime - work to create opportunity through rapid change.

Take time to focus on creativity, adaptability, and adjust your brand messaging to resonate with consumers. Brand messaging is time-sensitive, so our language and content must be recognizable and relatable to consumers while still considerate of what is happening in the world.


During uncertain times, be sure to focus on the benefits a product holds rather than its features. For example, instead of proposing the newest features of a phone - express to the consumer its ability to make you feel connected with your loved ones while you are apart.

Assure the consumer that you will solve their problems as you are selling solutions rather than just a product. Be sure to use simple, comforting, and warm language in your content while discussing key benefits to increase the value proposition.


While it is important to acknowledge the current global crisis it is also important to not fall into a routine of redundant messages. By sharing the same message as every other brand you lose authenticity and the sight of your individual brand's purpose.


Through honesty and frequent communication, you can continue to nurture your brand's message, by becoming a leader while in a global crisis. This is a time for growth and can be an opportunity to reflect on your brand's purpose.

This pandemic has created a difficult environment for small businesses and brick & mortar based companies - but it is important to use these unprecedented times to reflect on current efforts and come out on top.

Abbey Hills

AUTHOR: Abbey Hills

Marketing Assistant

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