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Tips for taking great product photography

Great photography does wonders for the visual integrity of any brand ( just check out our blog about it), but high-quality, professional product photography and be the difference between landing the sale and losing a lead. As the trend of online shopping grows, so does the need to invest in great product photography that outshines your competitors’. Showcasing your products in the best light doesn’t have to be hard when you follow these quick tips from our in-house Content and Media Manager who boasts over a decade of photography experience:

Use good lighting

Lighting plays a critical role in the quality of your end product. It supports your colour accuracy (which we will talk a bit about later) and it will help your image to look crisp, clean and professional. Depending on your setting and your product you will have to decide if you want to use studio lighting or natural lighting. Natural lighting works well for edible products, people and plants, but if circumstances have it that you must do your product shoot inside, studio lighting is a mission critical investment.

Take multiple shots from multiple angles

Different shapes and colours will make your images unique and dimensional. Capture the scope of your products with a variety of images from different angles. You need a lot of pictures to give prospective buyers a true idea of what your product has to offer. Not only is this concept critical for capturing the essence of your product, but it will also lend a hand to the transparency of your brand when online consumers can view your product from every angle before they buy.

Get the close up on unique details

Your images do more than show a product, they show what makes the product stand out from the competition. Show your pride for the product you’re putting on the market by showcasing those special details that not only make this item unique, but also make the product more valuable to the consumer. Detail-oriented photographs will compliment your wide-angle shots to give buyers a comprehensive look at what you’re offering.

Avoid vertical distortion

Vertical distortion in a photograph can affect the viewer’s perception of an item’s height and can create a leaning effect. Picture this: you shoot a picture for your friend from below their line of sight and suddenly they seem very large and tall - that’s vertical distortion. This deceiving effect can be avoided by shooting the product straight on and using the right type of lens for the job.

Colour accuracy is key

Product photography is all about showcasing exactly what the consumer will receive when they buy the product online. In some industries, such as the make-up industry or fashion industry, colour accuracy is critical for getting the effect or desired look the customer is striving to achieve. Maintaining colour accuracy with proper lighting and minimal colour manipulation in editing will maintain your brand trustworthiness and integrity.

True to form is the motto to keep in mind when bringing a digital store to life through product photography. Give your product the opportunity to shine by driving home its unique details and authenticity. If you’re ready to boost your online sales, connect with us to revitalize your products with a professional edge. Start by booking a meeting online.

Abbey Hills

AUTHOR: Abbey Hills

Marketing Assistant

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