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Facebook advertising facts you probably didn't know about

Facebook Ads are a mainstay for many businesses marketing strategies and will only continue to be more important in 2017 as traditional ad dollars switchover to digital marketing dollars. Facebook Ads offer both a wide reach and a relatively low cost and feature plenty of collected data to help you better tailor to your audience. Here are some interesting facts that you may not have known about Facebook advertising that can help you get the best out of it.


Seasonality impacts your Facebook bids

Facebooks bidding system uses multiple factors that determines the price of an impression. The more people that bid on a specific target, the more expensive that impression will be. As it only makes sense that more companies get involved during holidays, we tend to see higher costs per click when it comes to Christmas, Black Friday, etc.


The amount of text in an image impacts your delivery

If you’re looking to maximize your delivery, you can’t have a large amount of text. Facebook’s algorithm prefers posts with images with little or no text. If you can follow these rules, you’ll find your ads to be rewarded with a higher distribution and a lower cost per impression.


Utilize the click to chat ad option

Although not new, it’s one of the Facebook functions that are rarely used. Click to chat campaigns are great tools for customer service and work well with users who have already visited your website and may have questions.


Audience insights for targeting methods

Audience insights with conversion data can be a great source of information. They provide additional information that can help you better target your audience. Behaviours, purchase habits, income, housing situation, interests, etc. are a few of the many options you can look into to communicate with users.


Video ads don’t generate the greatest response

If your goal is to generate a lot of your business through video ads, Facebook is probably not your best option. Videos are great communication tools and foster tons of engagement, but the cost per impression needed to generate a click to the site will boost due to people taking other social action on the posts such as liking and commenting.

We’ve started to scratch the surface in this blog, but in the end, there’s plenty of insider tips for enhancing your Facebook advertising strategy out there. Facebook is a great platform for your marketing strategy, and shouldn’t be overlooked, especially when compared to other mediums. Get a better idea of who you want to target with this free buyer persona resource, courtesy of yours truly.
Michael Sibbins

AUTHOR: Michael Sibbins

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