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Let’s start a blog! Here is the why and the how.

You can throw almost any topic into the wind and hit a blog post about it on the internet. Blogs are a wealth of knowledge for information-seekers that come right from the source - industry experts. And that is exactly why your business needs a blog too. As an expert in your industry, it’s time to show your website visitors that you’re experiences, knowledgeable and relevant. Learn why and how of blogs right here:

Why your website needs a blog

Position yourself as an authority

Inbound marketing is all about showcasing how your business will help your customers solve a problem. Your blog can help you do that. Offering your customers industry knowledge to help them achieve their goals will establish a level of trust in you and your business as an authority in your line of work. This means, the next time your leads are looking for a product or service to solve a problem, they will recall on your authority and look to your business for a solution.

Enhance your website’s SEO

The more relevant content on your website, the easier it is for search engine users to find you online. With the integration of search engine optimization throughout your blog, your content will climb through the search engine results ranks to make your website a top result for online searches. SEO can be a complicated and time-consuming practice for beginners, but it simple strategies such as selecting relevant long tail keywords and writing content pages of 300 words or more is a great place to start your SEO journey. Dive deep into optimization with this handy guide.

Give yourself content for your social media

If you write a blog, we have to believe that you’re providing valuable content to your audience. Don’t let this industry knowledge to unseen. Use social media as a vehicle to promote your blog and bridge the gap between your website and you social media channels. Not only will this give your blogs greater reach with people who are interested in your brand, but it will also fill your social feel with valuable and engaging content to draw more people to your brand.

How to start a blog

Ideally you would have built your website with a blog in mind, but if not it is still very easy to integrate blogging into your website. In many cases, you can build a blog into your website, but if you’re unfamiliar with web development and page design, you can always trust the experts to get your blog up and running. Once you’ve got your infrastructure in place, launch your blog with these tips:

Write fundamental content about evergreen topics in your industry

Start your blog off with some helpful content that will continue to give your readers long lasting value. By starting with the fundamentals of your industry, you will begin building your reputation as an expert in your field and give you a jumping off point for more complex content in the future. This will give you the ability to link back to key ideas, fundamentals and big picture content as your blog (and your following grows).

Create a content calendar for regular updates

The most effective blog is one that is regularly updated with new content. Developing an editorial calendar for your blog can help you to remain on track of regular posting. Your content calendar should span no more than three months ahead and serve as your guide for topic ideas, blogging strategy and content research. As your blog grows and you produce new content each week, you can reflect back on previous topics, link to them in future blogs and develop more complex blog series on specific topics.

Our blog give us a unique opportunity to share information about topics we love (all things marketing) and allows us to showcase the fun personalities that make H&C Inc. a great company to work for and work with. Give your business the tools it needs to become an industry expert and grow your following with a blog. Have more questions? Check out this helpful guide about writing content for your blog or contact the content experts at Hughes and Co. to learn more about blog optimization.

Abbey Hills

AUTHOR: Abbey Hills

Marketing Assistant

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