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Pathstone Mental Health

Pathstone hits close to home for our agency. Tackling this project with a user centred approach built on empathy, care, and future thinking allowed our team to blend the complexities of mental health with the simplicities of intuitive navigation.    Working collaboratively with the voices of youth advocates, parent advisors, and internal team members the new Pathstone  Mental Health website reflects and empowers their mission in our community.










Understanding the  potentially vulnerable head space of users who will use the Pathstone website to inform their process and next steps is where we started. A simple navigation structure, robust sorting of services, uncomplicated language, representative imagery; this site is a beautiful example of placing the priority on the people who will visit it. Through our conversations with the Pathstone team we learned about the challenging nature of engaging in research for their services as an individual or supportive advocate. We imagined parents coming to realize their child may need help and never having navigated these types of services before; what do they need? A pre-teen being unsure how to explain what they are going through and searching for support through a process of understanding; what do they need? The reality of this site is that it's utility is a part of the Pathstone mission of caring, and we took our role in that process very seriously.

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Pathstone needed to solve the challenge of bringing within two clicks critical information that had been buried in the insufficient architecture of their old site. No more going down a rabbit hole searching for anything to help, in stead, easily surfacing relevant information organized in a way that encourages easy research. This approach is empathetic, it is user-centred and it prioritizes the person(s) seeking care above all.

Support centred content, quick redirect buttons, and intuitive navigation are all custom inclusions that are soul of this site. The users’ journey is the priority and visiting this site makes that clear. Every click feels built for you, because it is.



We are proud to be Pathstone's agency of choice for this project and enjoyed the collaborative process with their team and community partners. This site is a stand-out example of what can happen when you take the time to consider how a site should be used and begin the design process from there. Every person engaged in this project was eager to centre the experience around the families that need Pathstone, it is a privilege to have been on the team who brought this to life.

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