Goodman School of Business 

The Goodman School of Business is a facet of Brock University, a post-secondary institution boasting national leadership and innovation in several of the programs in their academic portfolio. Hughes&Co had several audiences to reach, all of them to find meaning in these simple words, that would recruit prospective students, represent the experience of current students, engage the faculty and staff, and build pride in alumni.



 Our challenge was to find a simple tagline to represent Goodman, its reputation and its unique positioning in the marketplace.
Through competitive analysis, student and stakehold surveys, and market analysis, Hughes&Co created a tagline to initiate a sense of belonging while reminding students they can get where they need to be with Goodman. 


Hughes&Co generated a new tagline to fully encompass the Goodman brand. “Get there with Goodman” strives to support the vision and mission of the Goodman brand by combining the values that support academic success with the values that ensure student, faculty, and alumni success. We love this statement for its simplicity, its ability to convey the goal in any measure that it is applied, and its indication of the bigger picture of the Goodman School of Business. We see "Get there with Goodman" as the long-term objective, while highlighting those small steps that we mark along the way. Wherever they are headed, be it the boardroom table, the first round of funding, the international exchange, the last exam of the semester; we want students know they can get there with Goodman. Goodman is a whole and rounded experience, "get there" gives space for every piece of it.

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Goodman School of Business

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