The well-known skincare brand OXY is a staple for acne care. These products are loved because they are both affordable and effective. Understanding that their target audience in Canada is always slightly different than their audience in the United States, they approached Hughes&Co for a full website redesign. 



 The goal, align the website with the current product branding and position the product within the larger acne care conversation, not as a cosmetic skincare brand.
Elements of the digital experience are enhanced by the inclusion of standard iconography and a series of photography retouching elements that creates visual consistency for these transportation companies located across North America. 


The OXY website launched to a delighted parent company who saw a long standing brand move from a static and out of date digital footprint to brand statement with modern capabilities. The site is information centric and has seen a resurgence site traffic to research the OXY products with clicks to purchasing sites increasing steadily month over month.

At a time when digital engagement and traffic is at its most challenging to obtain, the OXY site is defying the trend and increasing its efficacy. This brand was ripe for a refresh and the aesthetic impact reopened their target demographic and expanded their reach. Their marketing strategies adopted this fresh aesthetic and included it in briefs for influencer marketing partners which lent to the relatable nature of the shared content. Overall, this is a brand win and a metric win. We are excited to share our future work with their parent company with you.

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