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Why you should use LinkedIn for your business

If your business is on any kind of social media (which it most definitely should be) you know that adding another platform to your constant juggle of marketing responsibilities can be a difficult balance. While most companies are on the big three social channels - Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (as we hope you are too) - many people neglect LinkedIn, considering it a less popular platform. However, we’re here to tell you that if LinkedIn is a valuable resource for growth, brand visibility, content sharing and so much more, and here’s why:

It’s a platform for industry leadership

Over 600 million people in more than 200 countries are on LinkedIn and you should too. It’s the world’s leading social platforms for professionals in hundreds of industries. Renowned professional experts offer career-building, staff management, and industry-specific advice every day on LinkedIn. Not only is LinkedIn a great platform you as a user, but it is good for your business to be represented on a social platform filled with professional advice. LinkedIn is the ideal space to establish your business as a thought leader. Don’t just listen to the advice on LinkedIn, give valuable advice that will help you to become recognized as a business to follow.

LinkedIn takes a pass on tricky algorithms

LinkedIn is also one of the easiest platforms for raising brand awareness. It lacks the algorithms seen on Instagram and Facebook that filter you content on your followers feeds based on how often they interact with you. This means up to 100% of your LinkedIn connections could see what you post. However, it is not likely that everyone will see you content, even without filtering algorithms, so it is important to post consistently to increase your visibility.

It can optimize your brands searchability

In case you weren’t convinced that your business needs to join the LinkedIn community, we’ve got one acronym for you: SEO. A completed and helpful LinkedIn profile can help your business appear in Google searches. That’s right, we’re talking valuable Google results real estate. So go fill in the fields, link to your website and tell people what your brand is all about. Once you’ve got that building block in place, you are well on your way to a successful LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn is top notch for lead generation

In addition to all the great reasons we love LinkedIn and think your business should use it, LinkedIn is also found to have one of the best social media channels to lead generation. A study conducted by HubSpot found that LinkedIn’s lead generation capabilities outranked even the top social channels at 2.74%, while Twitter generated .69% and Facebook generated .77%. Lead generation is Marketing 101 for any business. So, when you’re business is seeking competitive growth, consider revamping your LinkedIn strategy.

Do you have a growth focused LinkedIn strategy in place to both grow your business and establish your brand as an industry leader? This is one social platform not to be neglected. Let our social marketing expert navigate your brand’s social presence to success with a winning LinkedIn strategy. Contact our Director of Sales to discuss your next steps to success.

Abbey Hills

AUTHOR: Abbey Hills

Marketing Assistant

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