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The Value of Photography

You can’t open your phone without seeing a photograph. There has never been a time in which we are exposed to more photos than right now. Photography fills our newsfeed, it is all over our walls, it is plastered on the magazine racks. Everywhere we look we are exposed to photography. In a world where everyone carries a camera with them at all times, taking a photo has never been so accessible and easy. It has almost become white noise. So it begs the question, “Does photography still matter?”

Content is King?

Everyone has heard the phrase ‘Content is King’, but now with an overwhelming amount of media to digest on a daily basis the paradigm has shifted to ‘Quality is King/Queen’. Professional photography still matters and has quantifiable results. In 2017, Florida’s Orange County Animal Services broke a 48-year adoption record by simply using professional photographs on their pet adoption pages. Real estate listings that contain professional photographs receive 61% more page views compared to those listings where the seller or agent took the photo. This decreases the time a home is on the market while increasing the sale price.

First Impressions Matter

The average website visitor reads only 20% of the text on a given web page, the rest of your story is being told by design and media. Long lasting impressions are made within the first seconds of engagement. Online dating sites back this up citing that people make their decision on which direction to swipe in the first 58-84 seconds of exploring someone's profile. If love is decided so quickly, what are your potential customers deciding when they look at your photography?

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Brad From Accounting Has a Camera

Marketing doesn’t happen by accident, good photography won’t happen by chance. Let a professional craft your visual identity through photos. Leave the DIY projects to your backyard and Brad from accounting's DSLR at home. Your brand, business and marketing efforts are always evolving, your media and photography should grow with that. An investment in photography will feed your marketing efforts  and help your company yield big results.

Don’t settle for placeholder photos, don’t settle for stock photos, don’t drown in an ocean of photo mediocrity. Reflect your companies vision with clean, clear, and on-brand professional photography. Contact our sales director to see the difference professional photography can make for your brand and bottom line.

Abbey Hills

AUTHOR: Abbey Hills

Marketing Assistant

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