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The do’s and don’t of using hashtags

Hashtags are not a new trend, but the ability to follow specific hashtags on Instagram (the same way you follow accounts) and track hashtags on LinkedIn truly puts hashtags to good (newer) use. Following hashtags that are specific to your industry, your location or even your favourite hobby can help you get the information (and entertainment) you seek and fast. It’s only getting easier for social media followers to see content from accounts they’re not even following. There is no time like the present to brush up on the best practices for using hashtags to give your content a new reach.

Do your research

You don’t necessarily have to start a hashtag from scratch. Sometimes, it’s harder to get your hashtag to catch on than it is to use a relevant pre-existing one. The key is to do your research and make sure your using hashtags that are pertinent to the content you are posting about. If social media users are already following this hashtag, it will be easier to gain reach with a popular hashtag than a brand new one.

Don’t simply pick a hashtag because it’s popular

Just like in any crowded market, if you’re one of many businesses selling the same product or services as your competitors, it will be hard to stand out and generate leads. So why would you take that approach to your social media? If your hashtag has over a million users, your content will have to compete with all of those other posts in order to get in front of an audience. Pick hashtags in a sweet spot around 100,000-500,000 uses. While you don’t want to pick something too common, you also don’t want to use something no one is searching for.

Do make your hashtag memorable and easy to understand

Don’t give people a reason not to search your hashtag such as making it super long and hard to understand. Simply put, #ifyourhashtaglookslikethisnoonewilluseit. Not only is it hard to read at first glance, no one is going to be able to remember something that complex or connect it back to your brand. Choosing a #simple hashtag will pay off in the long run.

Don’t use unnecessary hashtags

One thing that will waste your time is using generic, irrelevant hashtags. No matter how amazed you are by a photo or a piece of content, #wow will not get you lead generating views that you’re looking for. If you’re adding irrelevant hashtags for the sake of using a lot of hashtags, it’s time to revisit your research and see what your clients are looking up online when they want to see content similar to yours.

Hashtags can be very helpful to your social media marketing strategy and it can also add some origin flare to your post when you avoid oversaturated hashtags. Get your content in front of a relevant audience that wants to see it with social media research. Get high-quality research that will drive engagement when you work with the social media experts at H&C Inc. Our team of skilled researchers can provide a full report of qualified hashtags to help you boost your social media game. Connect with us to get started.

Grace Howes

AUTHOR: Grace Howes

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