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The business landscape has changed immeasurably in the last few weeks with the onset of the Covid-19 Global Pandemic and the closure of so many businesses listed as non-essential. We have heard from our client family and from the wider business community as they have worked to meet the new demands of remote work, digitally centric sales channels and new means of communicating with their clients.

We heard these new challenges, and have come up with three quick to market solutions to help you meet the demands of these uncertain times and keep you operating as efficiently and productively as possible.

Remote Work Collaboration Set-Up

You are a non-essential business or you’ve opted to keep your teams working safely from home, but you’ve never deployed this kind of work arrangement before. Collaboration from afar sounds great, but how do you manage to keep your team armed with what they need to perform, in a position to be productive and accountable to one another during unprecedented times? We can help.

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Quick to Market E-commerce

E-commerce is a revenue stream you’ve been thinking about but you haven’t had the time or ability to prioritize getting your products or services purchasable online. Then, we had a global pandemic come from seemingly nowhere, and you’re left wondering how you can quickly action what is suddenly a vital need for your business. We are here to help.

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Quick to Market Website

You’ve been holding back on getting your business online or your website is so far out of date you are scared that a digitally reliant marketplace is going to overlook your business when you need it to be front and centre. We can help.

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"Moving to a remote working arrangement was a bit difficult at first, we didn’t have what we needed to get information moving as quickly as it needed to. H&C Inc. implemented a Slack set-up for our team and hooked it up to our Hubspot CRM, quickly we had a new way to organize our work and communications, stop flooding our emails with unnecessary correspondence and we found ourselves asking fewer questions and moving more rapidly to get things done for our clients."

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