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Baby's Best Sleep

This beloved brand known for industry leadership and an unwavering commitment to their clients and their families has started 2024 two new sites and a new brand. Their digital footprint  needed a full rework to help the process of caring and consideration of needs at a potential client's first touch point with their brand.

Designed for approachability and empowerment, this website puts the decision making process in the hands of the client. It offers resources to facilitate a process of self-education. It even showcases some DIY options for families that aren't ready to engage a consultant and maybe never need to!

Explore this one, it is full of user-experience easter eggs that drive home their mission to help first, deliver evidence based strategies and always put the priorities and boundaries of the families first. We are huge BBS fans!



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Encompassing a playful yet educational vibe, the new Baby's Best Sleep website upholds the organization's commitment to staying at the forefront of sleep education while remaining approachable for new parents. From font to colour to user-quiz matching and more, this feature-rich site is designed to make exploring a sometimes tough topic easy.

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Finding the best parent-consultant fit for each and every family was a challenge we confronted head-on. Our solution?
A quiz that pairs up parents with their ideal sleep consultant. In combination with their results, the Our Consultants page provides users with a comprehensive overview of each consultant's expertise, allowing parents to make informed decisions about who they would like to work with on their own terms.


Introducing the Certification Hub

Recognizing the need to cater to a growing community of BBS certified sleep consultants, we created a sibling page to BBS: Baby's Best Sleep Certification. With a sisters not twins look and feel, the certification site is a seamless extension of BBS’s digital home base - intended for future consultants to begin building their careers within the world of sleep consulting.

As the only Sleep Consultant Certification program in Canada with a rapidly expanding US presence, this facet of the business needed a sleek and bold, and most importantly, exclusive location for prospective students to explore and get excited about their new careers. This site delivers the fundamentals of the program and makes exploring the opportunity a snap with lots of resources and self-serve education opportunities. We just build websites, Amanda and her team are out there changing lives!



Encouraging users to effortlessly navigate through relatable content and resources that hit the nail on the head for many new (and tired) parents. This site is delivering more qualified opportunities to sleep consultants, chugging new prospective sleep consultants through the pipeline and making life easier for the management team of this growing organization.

We believe firmly that a strong digital asset set is a business building tool in so many ways. You will find efficiences, opportunities and new waves of ambassadorship from your team and past clients. Amanda and the Baby's Best Sleep crew are realizing all of these benefits and more. What an exciting project from top to bottom.

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