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Why Your Inbound Agency Should Design Your Website

As an inbound marketing agency we are often brought into the marketing conversation after another firm has been contracted to build a website. There are some fundamental issues with this and amongst them is that most website firms have no idea how to design a website that will make implementing an inbound methodology for your business work. And when the tool you've built to carry your inbound marketing strategy isn't inbound optimized, you can count on a long haul to getting regular and consistent conversions.

Here are some thoughts on why an Inbound agency is the right way to go:

User Experience IS Everything

Many website designers build their "piece de resistance" every time, as in, the creative discussions are where the strategic solutions begin and end; an inbound agency will start with the user. User experience is a flashy term that a lot of firms are throwing around, and you need to ask what the goals are to know if your agency knows what experience they are designing for. Every website should have a series of objectives to make it an asset for your business. When the site is launched it is reasonable for you to expect that those objectives will produce results, this is the indication of a good website design.

Content Organization is Crucial

Your website must have well-organized content, and it should not be long form on every page of your website. An outdated SEO strategy is to have as much content as possible to maximize your keyword opportunities. This style of content is not only unattractive on a web page, but also no more effective than well considered content that is direct and encourages readership. When your site is filled with unnecessary content, it will not be read. When your site features blocks of content that are well thought out and correctly placed, you can save your long form content for your blog. 

Calls-to-Action and Landing Pages

Many web design agencies would consider the ability to have unlimited calls to action and landing pages a premium feature of a website. For an inbound agency, this is the status quo. A website cannot earn you the leads that you deserve for your business without landing pages and calls-to-action (CTA's). These are the components of your site that allow you to create a value proposition and request a conversion; have people enter their information to receive something from your business. Your inbound marketing agency will either maintain a relationship with your company and work on a retainer to continually facilitate lead generation, or they will act in a consultancy role as you develop new offers and generate new opportunities for your business. 

A Flexible CMS

Another component of your website that must be seriously considered is the platform on which it is built. Many companies use a custom CMS (Content Management System) as an insurance policy on your business, as in: they will not provide administrator access to anyone other than their internal team.  They hold the keys to your website because it's built on a CMS only they can manipulate. Sound bad? It is. An inbound agency will use a CMS that allows you to work with any company, anywhere. At Hughes & Co., we use open-source solutions like Wordpress, Magento, Shopify and the HubSpot COS that are transferrable between agencies so that our clients never feel locked in... because what kind of business strategy is that?

Do you like the sound of an inbound marketing agency that supports strategies that would for you AND your brand? Connect with the team at Hughes & Co. to see what other exciting this we have to offer. Click here to book a free consultation with Krystyn.


Allie Hughes

AUTHOR: Allie Hughes

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