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Why organic website traffic is important for your business

When we sit down with prospective clients to discuss the goals they have for their business, one digital goal that is consistently communicated to us is the desire to increase website traffic. The goal behind increasing traffic is quite understandable, the more traffic flowing through a website, the better chance our clients have to increase their leads and drive revenue up.

There are many strategies and sources that can be used to increase a websites traffic flow. Just a few include email marketing, PPC, social media and links from other ranking websites. While generating traffic from these sources is great and essential, organic search traffic should and can be the dominating traffic source for your website. We love and believe in organic traffic because this traffic is more relevant and it delivers higher quality leads.


The organic traffic that comes to your website is the traffic you receive from search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. This traffic flows from unpaid resources and is a function of your website's ability to rank on the above search engines.

Organic website traffic delivers visitors that are searching specifically for services or products like your own. For instance, if you were interested in going to school for a skilled trade and you Googled phrases like “Niagara skilled trades,” “trades schools st. catharines,” “st catharines gas license school”, you would see that our client Niagara Skilled Trades Academy appears as the top ranking website. Achieving this top positioning in Google over various keywords, both long- and short-tail, has allowed this school to consistently fill classes, without ever having to put money into paid search.

Your business can achieve similar success with organic traffic by implementing an SEO strategy and a content strategy.


There are a number of strategies you can apply to drive a website's organic traffic, they all revolve around giving your visitors and leads what they want and need. Before you begin an SEO (search engine optimization) audit or keyword research or the development of new content, you should determine who your ideal buyers are. This will enable you to tap into what your customer's needs are and provide insight into the terminology they may use to search for services like your own. Once you’ve established buyer personas, you can begin implementing other strategies. We recommend mastering your website's on-page SEO, going after specific long tail keywords and blogging, to start.


The majority of buyers use Google and other search engines to do research and compare products and services before moving towards a purchase. The better ranked your website becomes across a range of search terms relevant to your industry and products, the more qualified traffic your website will enjoy. If you’re interested in seeing how an organic traffic strategy can immediately increase your website's traffic, check out this blog I wrote a few weeks ago.

It’s time to start paying more attention to your digital strategy, take action, drive more traffic to your website, book a free consultation with Krystyn.

Carly Snider

AUTHOR: Carly Snider

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