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Small Business Marketing Starter Pack: Digital

The world of business has broken into the digital space and we’re not sure if it is ever going to leave. Online shopping has reached new heights and the convenience of same day delivery makes it easier than ever to own the things we need at the click of a button. People are doing their research, seeking out deals and becoming completely influenced by the content they see online. Now, businesses must adapt to the shopping habits of their buyers and make it easy for them to find what they need and want online. Here are the top digital assets (besides your website) you need your small business can get ready to attract customers using these digital assets:

Email marketing campaign

Your email newsletters are the perfect method for shouting your promotion and business announcements from the rooftops! With email access on every mobile and digital device, people are checking their emails upwards of 15 times per day. Take charge of your leads’ email inbox with an engaging email newsletter that will excite them about your business, products, services and deals. A great email marketing campaign will outline the frequency, content and lead generation and conversion strategy for you newsletter.

Social Media Strategy

We don’t think we need to boast about the importance of having social media (especially the right social platforms) to promote your business. Social media is a hot spot for building a brand loyal community through social engagement. It’s the easiest way to learn what your customers want and connect with them on a one-to-one and many-to-many level. Your social media strategy should outline which platforms are most effective for your brand, frequency of post, type of effective content and more. When it comes to social media, planning ahead is your greatest asset.

Social Ads

Like we said, social media is great. But when it comes to traditional social, there are limitations such as reach. Break out beyond the constraints of social media’s limitations with social ads. Social ads allow you to target an audience highly specific to your buyer persona even to people who don’t currently follow your accounts. On social, you can keep ads costs low by only paying for the reach you want. Hyper-targeting also means that you’re only connecting with qualified leads that are more likely to become your customers. With over 2 billion people currently using a social platform, your future customers await!


No matter the size of your business, these digital assets are easy and affordable tools to connect with new clients, engage social followers and convert your leads into loyal customers. Are you looking for help to get your small business of the group with growth-driven marketing? Build your digital marketing toolbox with the experts as H&C Inc. to get the brand-growing reach you need. Let’s grow your small business together!

Grace Howes

AUTHOR: Grace Howes

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