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Small Business Marketing Starter Pack: Design

What does it look like to have professional-level design on your side when starting your new business? When the public-facing side of your business presents as one cohesive brand, not only will you appear more established, but it also lend a hand to your trustworthiness as a business. Customers trust businesses that know their brands, products and services inside and out. Show your leads complete cohesion between your top design assets and your brand! Keep reading to learn our top toolbox assets you’ll want to apply stunning design to for your small business:

Custom Website Design

As a small business, your website will likely be your main lead driver which is why it is so important to showcase the best of your brand on your website. Sure, your leads may have been driven to your website by a social media post or an advertisement, but this is where you capture the lead through a strategically placed form or blog post. If your website isn’t beautifully blended with the branding your potential lead knows and loves, they’ll be off your site in a matter of seconds. Create a stunning customer website that attracts and engaged with beautiful design.


Your logo is the single most recognizable part of your brand. It should incorporate your brand colours, name and style while also fitting effortlessly into the types of marketing materials your industry demands. Above all else, your logo should be memorable and recognizable. So, how do you incorporate all of the basic necessities of your logo while creating something that sticks in a lead’s mind? Professional design. Experts in marketing and graphic design consider all factors when creating a custom logo such as industry trends and standards, different applications and your unique vision and style to tie your branding together.

Storefront Sign

Your brick and mortar creates a unique experience for the customers who visit your shop. With professionally designed storefront signage, you’re able to establish a cohesive experience between your digital and physical spaces. Customers should be able to recognize your storefront from the style they’ve seen on your digital platforms, such a your website and social media. Not only will customers know exactly what to expect when they enter your store, but it also establishes a level of recognition for passersby who have seen your branding before.


Bringing your style together into one beautiful brand package isn’t hard with the right designer. When you work with the same team of experts for all of your brand design needs, you know you’ll receive your trademark, cohesive style every time. Bring your small business to life with beautiful branding unique to your business - the design experts at H&C can show you how.

Grace Howes

AUTHOR: Grace Howes

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