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How to develop your website so that qualified leads find you

These days, what is life and business without the internet? In order to be successful, it is key as a business to be optimizing your online resources. Your company’s website is almost always at the forefront of your connection with the rest of the world. Your website could even act as your only way of attracting qualified leads. Below are some recommended ways in which you can develop your website and online platforms so that qualified leads find you and so that you are not wasting time and resources trying to create something out of nothing with leads who are not fully committed or interested.

What is a qualified lead?

A lead is someone who opens the door to connect with you. Furthermore, a qualified lead is someone who shows genuine interest in making a connection specifically with your business and with the content, products, and/or services that your business provides. They share your values and their needs are compatible with what your business offers. 

Attract qualified leads by employing your company’s support systems

There are several ways you can develop your online platforms to attract qualified leads. Here are a few steps you can take:

1. Blog posts – Create quality blog content that will benefit your target audience. Consider what kind of information might be helpful to your customer. If they are searching for answers, with good search engine optimization, they will come across your blog and consider it a helpful resource. They might also become interested in following other content you release.

2. Social Media - Be active on your various social media channels and be sure to appropriately link content between channels to increase the potential of exposure. Social media channels are usually your customers first access point and impression of your company. They also give your visitors a platform to engage with your company and brands. So, remember to create a plan to ensure that you are consistently active and creating great content on social.

3. Website - Most importantly, all of your company’s support systems should direct visitors back to the nucleus of your business - your website. Your website itself should be attractive and consistently updated. It will be the lead driver not only because it is the most important access point for your customers, but because your website will also contain the lead capturing tools which actually acquire your qualified leads information.

How do I generate and capture qualified leads?

When you have captured the interest of potential customers, you have the opportunity to generate this lead! The only thing you need to do now is to implement the tools to make this connection. This connection can be established through various tools typically offered on your website. You should conduct an audit of your website to track your site’s most popular pages. Once you have identified your high traffic pages, insert a landing page with a contact form or call to action tool. This could be in the form of free downloadable content, email newsletter subscription, or deals for products/services you provide, in exchange for personal information. By offering their contact information, visitors open the door to further connect with you. 

As an example, H&C has created an email field on our blog page so that people like you, who wish to be notified about future releases of our content, may effortlessly subscribe and stay up to date. Furthermore, we have created a landing page that we typically link at the end of our blogs for those wishing to connect with our experts about further marketing strategy inquiries. Implementing this tool allows us the ability and access to connect with potential new clients.

Abbey Hills

AUTHOR: Abbey Hills

Marketing Assistant

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