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How to design a head-turning product label

When it takes 90 seconds or less for a customer to decide what product to buy, your product depends on a high-quality label to grab a shopper’s attention. Just like your brand, your label should be bold, one-of-a-kind and demonstrate what makes your company unique. But with new products entering the market every day, how do you make your product stand out. We have assembled our top tips to help you design a head-turning product label.

Use research to stand out from your competitors

There is a reason this step is first on our list. Before you begin your label-designing journey, you’ll first want to consider what designs are already out there in your industry. The worst thing you can do to your brand is designing a logo that looks like other products with a similar function. We suggest researching at least 10 of your competitors’ logos, identify the similarities and differences, and take note of what elements of each logo stand out to you.

Tell your company story

Your product is founded in your core values and company purpose. The details of your label should reflect the values, mission statement or purpose of your business. When designing the Moyaa Shae Butter label, our design team took inspiration from nature in Northern Uganda where the product is ethically and sustainably sourced. The hand-sketched aesthetic lends itself to the authenticity of the ingredients to tell the story of the natural, 100% unrefined shea butter.

Use eye-catching colours

Studies show that 60% of a product’s first impression is based on label colour. For this reason, the colour you choose should play a part in telling your brand story. Selecting colours that are authentic to your company’s purpose, will contribute to making your label one-of-a-kind, just like your brand.

Stick to two, readable fonts (or less)

Choosing the right font is a delicate balance. You want something unique, but nothing so obscure that the font cannot be easily read at a quick glance. Readability is always your number one priority when selecting fonts. If you plan on using two fonts to emphasize your label, consider picking one serif typeface and one sans serif typeface. The two fonts will juxtapose to emphasize different elements of your label such as your brand name and product name.

Get your products market-ready with a stunning, head-turning label that will shine on any shelf. We are prepared to use your vision to craft a memorable label that aligns with all of your brand standards. Our talented graphic designers apply marketing strategy to beautiful design that takes any shape across any industry. Contact us today to give your product a new look that is founded in marketing research and design.

Grace Howes

AUTHOR: Grace Howes

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