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H&C Planning for COVID-19

Thank you for being a valued member of the H&C Inc. family, we are grateful to be doing work with and for you and we take our responsibility to you very seriously. We'll cut right to it, as an agency we work with clients all over the globe and many of you are impacted significantly by the coronavirus COVID-19. We have taken proactive measures inside of our agency to ensure the wellness and safety of our team, and we have been working with you to facilitate those same conversations and communications on behalf of your companies. We wanted to offer some transparency in how we are managing our ongoing work and what our plans are in the event that our agency is closely impacted by what is now considered a global pandemic by the World Health Organization.

Availability of our Teams

Our teams will be available as normal, operating a regular schedule of 9:00am - 5:00pm EST. Your primary channels of communication with the H&C Inc. team will remain intact, the benefit of being a fully cloud based digitally operating firm. Each our of team members are fully equipped to operate as normal, remotely. In the event that we close our offices you will not experience a disruption in service.

Your work with H&C Inc.

You work with our agency in one of two capacities: on project, on retainer. Both of these relationships will operate entirely as normal and your work expectations need not change in light of any precautions we elect to enact for the safety of our staff and partners. 

We have received correspondence from some of you already about planning for your own communications during this time. If you are on retainer or actively engaged in a project, you will hear from your Account Manager by end of day on Friday March 13 with our initial thoughts and plans. If you work with our firm but are not actively engaged in work at this moment, you can reach out to Krystyn Symsyk ( who is handling the delegation of all communications strategies that are being rapidly put in place to keep your businesses ahead of any misinformation and to ensure the public is aware of your proactive measures.

Visiting H&C Inc.

If you are visiting our agency offices we ask that you please use the provided hand sanitizer upon entry to our agency, or wash your hands. If you are sick, we ask that you disclose this to our team and request a video conference in place of an in person meeting. Here is a summary of active steps we are taking as an agency to ensure your safety:

  • Daily disinfecting of all team member work stations and shared work spaces (including board room);
  • Hourly hand washing schedule for all members of our team;
  • Entry hand washing and/or hand sanitizer for every person that enters the agency;
  • All dishes are being run on sanitize mode in our agency dishwasher;
  • Kitchen is being disinfected two times per day;
  • Bathrooms are being disinfected two times per day;
  • All door handles (interior and exterior) are being disinfected daily.


While we are informed that the risk in our area is currently low, we believe that a proactive response is the best measure to ensuring that our team is safe and prepared in the event that the risk to our immediate community becomes greater. We have also permitted our team members to meet off site with clients at their discretion, we ask for your cooperation and respect in the event that our team requests a video conference in place of an in person meeting for the foreseeable.

Many thanks, Allie Hughes.


Allie Hughes

AUTHOR: Allie Hughes

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