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Busting Blogging Myths

So, you keep being told it's time to start blogging, but you have no idea why. Isn't blogging for mommies, diy-ers, foodies and an audience of other bloggers?

In a word, NO!

Blogging is a valuable and powerful tool to get eyes on your website and minds on your business. Content creation through your company's blog has undeniable benefits for your SEO and branding, so it's time you jumped on board.

But first, let's bust some common blogging myths:

Myth #1: Blogging and business don't mix

Where people got the idea that blogging isn't a valid form of professional communication is beyond us. We've been blogging since the beginning and love passing along our message, tips, tricks and ideas to you this way!

With such a huge focus online on content creation, your blog can be your best friend. You can move beyond constantly trying to sell your business and start proving your expertise without the pressure of the sale. Have a conversation, provide useful information and build a trusting relationship with your website visitor without constantly selling your service or product and just sharing your knowledge. Show them you know what you're talking about.

Myth# 2: Blogging takes too much time

If you don't have someone to dedicate solely to content creation, blogging might seem like a time waster; but on the contrary, it's one of the best investments you can make. By allowing some time — a few hours a week, a day or so a month — you will see a vast improvement to your online presence. You don't have to blog everyday, but keep a regular stream of content updating.

Blogging is the number one way to attract new and repeat customers to your website. New, high-quality content will up your SEO in no time. You'll start hitting those long-tail keywords and coming up in search engines more frequently. You'll see your organic traffic grow, and remember, more traffic = more leads = more happy customers in the end.

So it's ok to devote some time to your blog. In fact, it's not only ok, but integral and the more you can create that content, the more you will see your web traffic increase. That's a good thing.

Myth #3: It's hard to come up with blog content

We don't want to be short here, but really, it's not. Remember, you are the expert in your field and you are dealing with clients on a regular basis. So start thinking about customer interactions and frequently asked questions. Do you have that list? Good, there's a list of your first few blog posts! If people are asking you these questions in person, they are definitely searching for the answers online. By answering these question on your website before these leads even talk to you, you're helping. They will approach you more informed and with an established trust. You shared information to help them make a decision without having to ask or dig for it and they will love you for it.

Now that you've got the creative juices flowing, don't forget to get a custom blog page designed by the experts at H&C Inc. to optimize your reach. Connect with us today for a free consultation to learn more about blogging and your blog page.

Carly Snider

AUTHOR: Carly Snider

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