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5 ways to improve your website


There is room for improvement on every website. A tweak here and there can improve conversion rates, load times and overall usability.

It could be time to review your site and make some fixes. To get you started here are five ways to improve your website.

Remove large/long videos

There is nothing more frustrating to your web visitors than a slow loading time. A major culprit? The large or long video. Video’s are effective selling tools when done right but they absolutely kill your page load times when done wrong. The solution? Shorten your video to decrease the file size or remove the video in favour of a compelling image. 

Rewrite ineffective headlines

Your headlines serve a purpose for both your readers and search engines. They tell both parties what the content of your web page is about. Vague headlines do nothing to help either party. So what do effective headlines look like? First they are telling about your products/services and secondly they invoke curiosity, encourage action and reveal benefits.

For example, if Hughes & Co. used  “Attract Visitors" as a headline for our website development services instead of "We Build Inbound Websites That Earn You Business," we’d be in need of an edit.

Get rid of excess images

Images are a great element on every website, the help to tell your story and create a visual appealing palate for your visitors. However, having too many images on your site especially, if those images are large in size, will do serious damage to your load times. And no visitor has the patience to wait for your page to load, they’ll be gone before you know it.

Simplify long text

Simplicity is key to web design; easy to find solutions and to the point text.  Unless your website is a blog, people aren’t taking the time to read they are just searching for the solution to their problem. And really, if you have long batches of text on your site, chances are you have one too many ideas going on. Can your page be divided or your content edited down and simplified? If yes, then do it. 

Refine on-page optimization

Do you have defined title tags, meta descriptions and image ALT tags? If you do are they within the character boundaries? Do they describe your page in detail with strategic keywords? If you are missing these items entirely, they must be filled in, it is essential for your organic success.  These three elements should succinctly define what your page is about so that both the user and the search engine know what they’re about to read. Click here for more advice on on-page optimization.

The simplest way to identify your websites flaws is to have it run through a free website assessment. These assessments identify the areas on your site that need improvement and offer great advice on how your can grow your business online moving forward. 

Alex Blackadder

AUTHOR: Alex Blackadder

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