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Our Services

Our Services

A snapshot at the Hughes & Co. toolkit. What we execute varies for each of our clients, but we are consistent in our methodical approach to marketing. We do what works.

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Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

What is inbound marketing? How does it work? Questions we hear often. Learn why we believe in inbound marketing, how it works to propel your success and why our philosophy equals a full lead pipeline.

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Our Specialties

Our Specialties

You do not need a generalist working on your marketing projects, you need experts. Explore our specialties and discover why Hughes & Co. is trusted by some of Canada’s leading companies.

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Don’t Take Our Word For It

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Henley Honda, Subaru of Niagara

I have been a customer of Hughes & Co. for several years, and Allie has been a person that has been a dependable resource for our business. I can honestly say that Allie is considered to be part of our team, has always over delivered on her promises, and leads a team that is very professional and has backed all of our plans and initiatives. We are stronger as a result. I whole heartedly endorse Hughes and Co to any company. Unless you are a car dealer within a one hundred and fifty km radius of my business.


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Skilled Trades Academies

The Hughes & Co. team started with our company when they were a social strategy firm and took us along for the ride when they joined with HubSpot and went inbound. Since that transition, Hughes & Co. represents 25% of our monthly revenue because of their dedicated digital marketing and lead generation tools. The Hughes & Co. team has also worked with our sales team to help create an inbound sales plan that has changed the way that we approach signing students up for our program. Inbound has changed the way we run our business, for the better.


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Brock Office Automation

Hughes & Co. has worked with my company for several years on digital marketing strategies. In that time we have seen a dramatic increase in the quality of our web presence both in the business opportunities generated and in the aesthetic of our company. We are generating leads for the company that are keeping our sales team busy. The team is eager to please and available. In my experience, this is a rare quality in a marketing firm and it is one that I hold in high regard. I recommend Hughes & Co. for your marketing project if you want to grow.